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Each mattress type has its own pros and cons that are suitable for each person. Therefore, you need to learn carefully the characteristics of each type.

Why does the firmness of the mattress directly affect your sleep and health? Let's find out with Ru9!

<p><span style=Each mattress type has its own pros and cons that are suitable for each person. Therefore, you need to learn carefully the characteristics of each type.

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The average person spends a quarter of their life sleeping. So the quality of your sleep can have a dramatic effect on your life. In which, a good mattress is considered the foundation for a good night.

Why does mattress firmness directly affect your sleep and health?

Each mattress is made up of multiple layers that specialize in providing support and comfort. The support layer is used to keep the body in the most ideal position, helping to align the spine and support the natural curves of the back. In addition, the top of the mattress will be structured so that the surface becomes smooth and comfortable for the body.

The sheets mattress have high firmness Usually there are few layers to create a feeling of comfort while a mattress with sufficient softness will have many layers or layers to create a thicker feeling of comfort. The opinion that sleeping on a hard mattress can support the body of many people is also completely wrong.

How to tell if you are suitable for a firm or soft mattress?

select mattress firmness
Side sleepers should lie on a soft to medium soft mattress, avoid a mattress that is too hard

< span style="font-weight: 400;">There is no exact figure for which mattress firmness will suit needs each person's own. Those who prefer to sleep on their stomach are advised to use a mattress with a higher firmness. Similarly, people who prefer to lie flat are more suitable for mattresses with moderate firmness and higher than those who prefer to sleep on their sides.

Another tip to determine if mattress firmness is right for you is to check your spine. When the spine is in its natural state, the neck, mid-back and low back will be in alignment. Thanks to that, the lungs can get more oxygen, increase circulation, relieve pain in muscles and joints.

If your spine is not in the correct position, your body will not relax when you sleep and will feel more tired the next morning. Therefore, choosing a mattress with the right firmness is very important.

Pros and cons of hard mattresses


  • A firm mattress is perfect for people who have never had back pain or other spinal problems. Most suitable for people who like to lie on their back and stomach.
  • When sleeping on a firm mattress, the bones absorb most of it and release the pressure on other parts such as muscles muscles, arteries, veins. As a result, muscles are relaxed and blood is circulated better.
  • The firm mattress also prevents the coccyx (lumbar) from being crooked.
comfortable mattress
A suitable mattress will give you a great night's sleep


  • Initially, when you first switch from a soft mattress to a hard mattress, you will feel extremely uncomfortable. However, this feeling will quickly disappear with time.
  • For people with medical conditions such as arthritis or scoliosis, a hard mattress can make pain worse more, reducing the quality of sleep and life.

Pros and cons of soft mattresses


  • People with back pain or history spine disease recommended to purchase a new mattress with higher softness than the current mattress. Single, small or underweight people are also better suited for a soft mattress than a hard one.
  • Soft mattresses are also especially suitable for side sleepers because they help distribute gravity evenly over pressure points like shoulder, knee, neck...


<3 weight.

If you share a bed with another person whose weight is too different, the heavier person will sink more into the mattress, causing the surface to become unbalanced. . Mattresses tend to become softer over time, so in this case you should choose buy new mattress has relative firmness.

So which mattress firmness is right for you?

Low and spring mattresses generally have higher stiffness than memory foam mattresses. However, the best way to know if the mattress is right for you is to test sleep in the position you primarily sleep in. If the mattress feels comfortable and comfortable both when you sleep and when you wake up, it is the mattress you should invest in.

You can now try 100 nights sleep on a memory foam mattress convenient and easy at Ru9's website . Currently, Ru9 has 2 types of mattresses - the Original mattress is soft and smooth and the Nest mattress is firmer and stronger for people to choose according to their preferences. The mattress is designed in Vietnam, manufactured according to modern technology reaching the strength standard and not harmful to the environment.

Hopefully the article has provided you with useful information so you can choose the most suitable and perfect mattress for yourself.