Ôm Pillow

Hugging comfortably, sleeping soundly.

Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9
Gối Ôm foam Ru9


40 x 60 x 12 cm
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Gối Ôm với chiều dài lý tưởng
A design for your
most comfortable hug
Gối Ôm với chất liệu foam linh hoạt
A compatible design for your body
Gối Ôm với thiết kế dễ dàng vệ sinh
Easy-to-clean cover with zip lock

The Om pillow that understands what you need

By improving the familiar bolster, we create the best Om pillow that will bring you the good night's sleep you have always been looking for, especially if you are a side sleeper.

The Om pillow that understands what you need

1. Tencel cover

Soft and cooling


2. Protection fabric

Covers the content inside your Om pillow


3. Foam and cotton particles

A perfect combination, flexible and compatible with your body

The Hugging pillow changes your sleep

Experience the warm, relaxing sleep you never thought of

An innovative material

The material inside Om pillow is a combination of foam and cotton particles. With such innovation, the Om pillow is flexible and compatible with all body shapes and every way you hug.

Hug to be hugged

The Om pillow size is about the same size as a real human, with a suitable weight so that when you hug it, the Om pillow will create a feeling of it is "hugging" you back.

Delicate design

The Om pillow has a unique design that keeps your stomach warm. It is extremely suitable for side sleepers, keeping your shoulders from falling when you sleep.

Ôm Để Được Ôm

Thiết kế độc đáo mang tính đột phá, ôm trọn giấc ngủ say của bạn. 

Everyone needs a perfect Om pillow

Khách hàng của Ru9
Đức Linh
September 9, 2020
With this pillow, I don’t think I need to hug anyone else to sleep anymore 😝
Khách hàng của Ru9
Hà Phương
September 4, 2020
This pillow makes every hug feels so good! Now even my husband wants it 😂
Khách hàng của Ru9
Mai Linh
September 1, 2020
At first I found the shape of the pillow is kinda funny but after a few nights of sleeping with it, everything makes sense now. My tummy is warm and happy now!

Safe for your health and the environment

Safe for the planet

Frequently asked questions

What is the dimension of Ru9 Om Pillow?
The Ru9 Om Pillow has a length of 120cm which is perfectly comfortable for hugging and put your legs on the bolster without having to craw your body.
How to clean Ru9 Om Pillow?
The cover of Ru9 Om Pillow is removable, very easy for you to wash and clean. To keep the Ru9 Om Pillow clean and can be used for a long period of time, you should cover the bolster with a regular bolster pillowcase. Periodically every week, you should change this pillowcase to ensure great hygiene. Please note that the inside of your pillow should not be washed!
How do I open Ru9 Om Pillow box?
When a Ru9 Om Pillow is delivered to you, the pillow is rolled up and packed in a small box. You just need to take the pillow out, remove the outer wrap, let the pillow inflate in a snap, and it is ready to accompany you for every good night!

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