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Handbook of using soft and hard mattresses suitable for each family

Handbook of using soft and hard mattresses suitable for each family

Soft mattress is one of the most popular mattresses used recently. Perhaps you are also wondering, "Is soft mattress really good for health?". Join Ru9 to learn more about the appropriate user manual soft mattress and suitable hard mattress through the article below.

A brief overview of soft mattresses in the world

For a long time, sleeping mattress  has become one of the familiar items in everyone's daily life. The product is considered as a necessary item in the bedroom for families. Currently  mattresses  are widely used all over the world with many different types. Among them, some popular mattresses can be mentioned such as:

1/ Latex mattress

This is one of the most popular and quality mattresses today. Latex mattress  has high elasticity, does not collapse. However, the comfort of the product is not high due to the solid and rigid structure. This type of soft mattress  is now popular with two materials. One is a mattress from human-friendly natural rubber, good quality with a rather expensive price. The second is a mattress made of artificial rubber, which has almost the same structure as natural rubber but has a cheaper price.

2/ Spring mattress

A spring mattress is a textured mattress that uses multiple layers of springs. The mattress has good elasticity, helping to support the spine but not evenly. In addition, the quality of the mattress depends a lot on the spring design structure. When changing the lying position, the mattress is also easy to make noise due to friction.

3/ Foam mattress

The mattress is made of PE material with pressed cotton sheets. Therefore, the mattress has a flatness and holds the structure well. Unlike the two above mentioned "soft mattress" lines, this is a hard mattress. Therefore, this is not the right buy mattress  option if you prefer a mattress that feels comfortable when lying down.

4/ Foam mattress

Foam mattress is a new generation soft mattress which is becoming a consumer trend of many customers. The product uses advanced high-performance foam material, giving a smooth, soft but not sagging feeling. The  foam  mattress has the ability to fully support the body curve, keeping the spine straight. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable way to sleep, the product will be the optimal choice that you should consider.

Ru9 foam mattress is the most popular soft mattress today.

Advantages of soft mattresses?

Currently, in the  soft mattress Vietnam market, there are many different models and types for consumers to choose from. Vietnamese people have tend to choose hard mattresses instead of soft mattresses. However, soft mattresses have many advantages that not everyone knows. Find out with Ru9 what are the advantages and practical uses of the product.

  • The surface of the mattress is soft, making it comfortable and easy to sleep.

  • Different from hard mattresses with a flat and firm design, soft mattresses from reputable mattress stores will have a certain settlement when lying down. Therefore, the product will fully embrace the curve of the body, reducing the maximum pressure exerted on the spine, helping the spine to be straight, and at the same time supporting the treatment and limitation of muscle and bone diseases. match effectively.

  • Soft mattress is suitable for most users, including children to the elderly. This is also a suitable mattress for babies and is used by families.

Soft mattress for a more comfortable and soft lying position

Why choose Ru9 memory foam mattress?

Many people still wonder how to have a good night's sleep? However, you do not need to think the problem is too complicated, but simply take care of your bed so that it is reasonable. In which, choosing a good mattress is one of the important first steps. important, the main determinant of the quality of sleep.

In many types of mattresses today, Ru9 memory foam mattress is a prominent and highly appreciated item. The product belongs to the new generation of  soft mattress with high performance foam material, exclusive from Ru9 brand. The mattress has the ability to support a comfortable lying position and keep the spine straight. As a result, you not only sleep well but also improve your health, especially suitable for people with bone and joint diseases.

Outstanding structure and features of memory foam mattress line of Ru9

Structurally, the mattress is designed with 3 layers of thick foam, each layer of foam has its own function. Featured is the memory foam layer with integrated cold gel to help dissipate heat effectively, reducing pressure on the body. In addition, the breathable mattress cover, using a flexible zipper, can be easily changed and washed simply.

In particular, one of the outstanding advantages of memory foam mattress Ru9 compared to other soft mattresses is an internationally certified product CertiPUR-USⓇ about health safety for consumers from the US. These are the first Vietnamese foam mattresses to achieve this certification, helping  Ru9  affirm the quality and friendliness of the product to Vietnamese people.

Ru9 mattress – for good and comfortable sleep

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It can be seen that with the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, Ru9 memory foam mattress deserves to be a reliable companion to each person's sleep. individuals and families. So what are you waiting for, if you don't contact Ru9 via website or Facebook fanpage own it now this product line of  soft mattress  quality makes sleep more complete and healthier.


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