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Ru9 Tencel™ Bedding Set

Smooth, cool at first touch, with excellent absorbency from Tencel eucalyptus friendly. Start decorating your bed with 100% Tencel Bed Sheet Set từ Ru9.



Consists of:
  • 2 pillowcases
  • 1 mattress cover
  • 1 duvet cover
1.090.000 VNĐ
1.090.000 VNĐ
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100% Tencel™ Eucalyptus Fiber
Weaving density 300 yarns
Smooth and cool
Fits mattress up to 28cm

Ru9 Bedding Set is all about details

Feel the difference at first sight

Firm, long & easy to find duvet cover ties

Firm, long & easy to find duvet cover ties

There are 8 duvet cover ties at the corners and at the midpoints of each edge to keep comforters in their place and always fluffy throughout the night.

Carefully labeled sides on fitted sheets

Carefully labeled sides on fitted sheets

If you can never successfully wrap the mattress on the right side in the first effort, Ru9 Bedding Set will completely change your experience. Every side of our fitted sheets is labeled “short” or “long” so you will never have to struggle to get it right.

Delicate buttons

Delicate buttons

Buttons with neutral colors, high-quality materials, are sewn on the inside to avoid lumps and increase aesthetics.

The smoothness you've been looking for

Feel the luxurious, graceful blend of smoothness and coolness right from the first touch with Ru9 Bedding made from high-grade Tenceleucalyptus fiber.


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How thick is the mattress cover in Ru9 Bedding Set to fit the mattress?
Ru9 Bedding Set can be used for mattress thickness from 15cm to 28cm, very suitable for Nest by Ru9 mattress (15cm thick) and Ru9 Original mattress (25cm thick).
What is the difference between Linen, Tencel and Cotton Sateen materials?
The biggest difference between Linen, Tencel and Cotton Sateen comes from the properties, properties as well as the feeling when touching the fabric.

Ru9 Linen Bedding Set is made of 100% natural French Linen. With natural materials, your Linen bedding will be durable over time, bringing a rustic feel but still soft and friendly for all skin types. Dubbed the coolest of all fabrics, Ru9's Linen has absolute breathability so you don't have to worry about overheating.

Ru9's Tencel™ Bedding Set feels silky smooth and cool at first touch. Applying modern weaving technology, Ru9's Tencel™ Eucalyptus yarn will always maintain the straightness of the fabric, making it difficult to crease so you always feel comfortable when using.

Cotton Bedding Set is the first product line of Ru9, bringing the preeminent features of 100% natural cotton such as ventilation, absolute sweat absorption while still bringing a smooth feeling, suitable for all families.

Whichever fabric you choose, rest assured that all three are safe, non-irritating and will become softer and more comfortable with time and with each wash. To learn more about these three materials and choose the product that best suits your preferences, you can refer to this blog.
What should be paid attention to when washing Tencel™ fabric bedding?
To keep the product fabric fresh for a long time as well as increase the durability of the product, here are some notes for you when washing:
- Do not use detergent for the first wash.
- Wash with cold water on gentle mode, do not wash more than 30 minutes.
- Do not use strong detergents.
- Should be dried in a shady place, avoid direct sunlight.
- Do not wash with other products.
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