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Hi, we are Ru9!

Before we started Ru9. I was just like you looking for a simple solution to a sleepless problem: a truly good mattress that doesn’t cost a fortune. But at the time, the issues were even more than just the prices. Mattress technology was outdated, and good branded mattresses were hugely mark-uped and op top of it all, the experience was mediocre - mattresses are displayed like books, even coming to the store, you dace with an uninformed decision. Our goal at Ru9 is simple: Quality is the most important thing. We chose high-resilience foam as our core material and were the first one to introduce it to Vietnam when Ru9 appeared on Shark Tank in 2018.

We are sleep experts.

Foam gives us far more control over its support and comfort properties creating endless possibilities for innovation in crafting a better sleep experience for everyone.
63 cities
5000+ Home-delievery good sleep
16,000+ customers love Ru9

We deliver true values.

Secondly, real experience matters. That’s why we launched a first-ever 100-nigh trial policy in Vietnam since day 1 because we know the horror of getting stuck with a mattress that gives you nightmares (and we don’t want to wish you that). Finally, we want to give everyone access to better night sleep. To do that, we took a direct to consumer approach. Our products are made with top-quality materials as other global brands, but our overhead is much lower and our quality is guaranteed. Ru9 products are highly invested in the quality of the material and do not include any other intermediation costs At the core of it all, everything we do at Ru9 is based on our belief that quality life is built upon quality rest. We hope that Ru9 will always have a chance to be there for you in every good night’s sleep. Good night!

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