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The Nest

The essential standard for your good sleep.

Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 nâng đỡ thiết yếu
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 bền chắc
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 thiết kế gọn gàng
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 dễ dàng vệ sinh
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 êm ái
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 nâng đỡ thiết yếu
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 bền chắc
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 thiết kế gọn gàng
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 dễ dàng vệ sinh
Nệm Foam Nest Ru9 êm ái


5.790.000 VNĐ 579000000 VND
5.790.000 VNĐ
5.790.000 VNĐ
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  • 100-night trial
  • 5-year limited warranty

15 cm in height
2 foam layers
Functional design
Easy care

Unrivaled comfort and support designed precisely for your body

Unrivaled comfort and support designed precisely for your body

1. Tencel Cover

Soft and ventilating


2. Flame Resistant Fabric

Fire retardant, foam protection


3. Ru9 HR Foam

Supportive to body


4. Ru9 PU Foam

Firm and and durable

Sleep well without worries

The starting point of every good sleep

Get a good night's sleep with a lean and minimalistic design

With a combination of 2 foam layers and an airy Tencel cover, the Nest not only provides essential support but also ensures comfort during your sleep. The design emphasizes simplicity and flexibility, suitable for all bedroom spaces.

Essential for every good night's sleep

The Nest by Ru9 mattress is the most basic thing you need for a good night's sleep. Just like how birds always return to their nests after a long day, Nest by Ru9 is the place for you to come back and enjoy a good night's sleep with peace of mind.

Test your mattress without risk. Guaranteed.

You need time to sleep on it, which is why you get 100 nights to test it out.


100-nights, risk-free trial

If you’re not in love, we’ll pick it up and give you a full refund.


Free shipping and return

Don’t even worry about squeezing it back in the box.


5-year limited warranty

Our mattress stay comfy and supportive over time.

What do our customers think about our Nest?

Nguyen Phuong Thanh
Đã mua hàng Jun 25, 2020

Good mattress, comfortable, great for my back, reasonable price, very worthy!

Thai Minh Nguyet
Đã mua hàng Apr 15, 2020

The softness of the mattress is just right on point. It doesn’t sink at night like other mattresses I tried before. Ru9 has really brought me a better night sleep. After my experience, I have bought Ru9 mattresses for my family. Thank you Ru9 for all the good night’s sleep!

Tran Vu
Đã mua hàng Jun 30, 2020

Extremely comfortable and I love it! I just want to lie on my bed all day!

Thang Nguyen
Đã mua hàng Jul 30, 2020

Great mattress. The quality of my sleep has been significantly improved!

Ut Hue Hoang
Đã mua hàng Jun 2, 2020

The Niu pillow from Ru9 is perfect - comfortable, great ideal height and airy. I have been sleeping so much better since I brought Niu pillow home.

Nguyen Ly
Đã mua hàng Apr 1, 2020

I don’t know what else to say other than I have loved my life even more since I started sleeping on this amazing mattress

Bảo Trân
Đã mua hàng Jan 5, 2020

Very fast delivery! The delivery guys were also very enthusiastic - they helped me put on my bed. It's been a week since I slept comfortably, thank you very much!

Tan Tai
Đã mua hàng Dec 10, 2019

I hesitated a lot at first, because I have never bought a mattress online. Finally, I was convinced by your customer service, and I bring Nest mattress home. It’s not risky since there is 100-night trial anyway. But now I have better sleep than ever and I definitely won’t return it.

Hoàng Nhi
Đã mua hàng Dec 12, 2020

My sister wants to lie on my mattress all the time now

Đã mua hàng Sep 25, 2019
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for the quality and professional service.
Minh Thảo
Đã mua hàng Sep 20, 2019

I am very pleased with your mattress and pillow. I have been sleeping comfortably without any pain in my back and neck. Very friendly and professional customer service. The product came with a hand-writing note with a special message which made me feel like the product was customized for me. Absolutely will return!

We care about your safety and our planet


Who is the Nest suitable for?
The Nest will create a slightly stiffer feeling than when you lie on the Ru9 Original mattress, but the structure of the Nest by Ru9 mattress always ensures the necessary support for your body and spine. This difference in feeling comes from the fact that the Nest by Ru9 mattress does not have a Memory Foam layer in the middle like the Ru9 Original wedge, so the Nest mattress does not have the pressure relief feature like the Original mattress. Read more about Ru9 Mattress Comparison
Is it hot to lie on Ru9 mattress?
Ru9's mattresses are all made from foam with a structure of millions of open and airy particles, minimizing the feeling of hotness when lying down. Besides, Ru9's mattress is covered with high-quality Tencel Knitted Fabric, ensuring absorption and coolness for you to sleep well throughout the 4 seasons.
Does the Nest by Ru9 mattress height affect the support of the mattress?
With a neat design with a height of 15cm, the Nest by Ru9 mattress ensures the essential support for your body and spine with two layers of foam: the top Ru9 Contour Foam hugs the natural curve of the spine, and Ru9 PU Foam layer is strong and durable, ensuring the mattress is not deformed during use.
What is the sleep trial and warranty policy of the Nest by Ru9 mattress?
Ru9's 100-night trial allows you to experiment and decide if the product is right for you. Within the first 100 nights, you are entitled to a refund of the mattress if you are not satisfied for any reason. Ru9 will receive the mattress back to your home and refund you 100% completely free of charge. To understand better, you can find out about Ru9's 100-night trial sleep policy here Nest by Ru9 mattress has a quality warranty of up to 5 years. You can refer to warranty policy of Ru9

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