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Choose your mattress size

One mattress that fits the space and needs will make your sleep comfortable: you certainly don't want to buy the wrong size mattress and find… your legs are hanging at the end of the bed!

Two simple questions below will help you find the right mattress size for you and your family:

1. Who will sleep on this mattress?
2. Your bedroom space?

The right mattress size for you is...

SINGLE Mattress 1m2 x 2m


SINGLE mattresses are commonly used in student dormitories or bedrooms with a modest area (about 6m² - 8m²), helping to optimize space but still ensure a comfortable sleep. This is the most common 1-person mattress size.

The mattress size fits: bed floors, small rooms; children, adults sleep alone.

Queen Mattress 1m6 x 2m


1m6 mattress x 2m QUEEN is a mattress commonly used in Vietnamese families today, suitable for traditional bed designs. Queen mattress is the perfect choice for couples, or solo sleepers who like to be spacious. The size of the mattress is just enough to lie comfortably without taking up much of the bedroom.

The mattress size is suitable for: medium room; Couples or single sleepers prefer spaciousness.

KING Mattress 1m8 x 2m

Family Happy

1m8 mattress x 2m KING is the first choice for families with spacious bedrooms. If you share a bed with a restless sleeper, often tossing, turning, etc., a KING size mattress will ensure that each person lying on the mattress has their own comfortable space, but still not disturb the sleep of the person next to you.

The mattress size is suitable for: large but short bedroom, couples who want their own space on the mattress or couples who sleep together baby.

SQUARE KING Mattress 2m x 2m

SQUARE KING mattress has a square shape, optimized in length (20cm more than KING mattress), especially suitable for people with a taller than average height. Just like the King mattress, the Square King mattress size is common in large bedrooms, but the couple can be more comfortable when changing sleeping positions, stretching, or when the pet sleeps at the feet.

The mattress size is suitable for: large bedroom; couples want comfort in length; couple sleeping with baby.

SUPER KING Mattress 2m2 x 2m


mattress 2m x 2m2 SUPER KING is the largest size mattress, suitable for large bedrooms, making your space more luxurious. You can turn around, stretch your legs without disturbing the person next to you; If you sleep with a baby or a pet, everyone will feel comfortable on this mattress.

The mattress size is suitable for: large bedroom; suitable for families with babies.

Mattress size comparison table in different regions


Is a 1m4 mattress enough for two people to lie down?
The Full mattress is 1m4 wide and 2m long, about halfway between a Single mattress and a Queen size mattress. 1m4 mattress can fit 2 people. The two of you will have about 13cm of distance between you and your bedmate, just enough for both of you to be comfortable. However, if you like to be spacious, you should choose a larger mattress size such as Queen mattress 1m6.
Based on your budget and sleeping position to consider choosing a size of 1m4 for 2 people to sleep.
How is the mattress size 1m4 and 1m6 different?
Full mattress and Queen mattress are the 2 most popular sizes for bedrooms.
Full mattress has a size of 1m4 x 2m, Queen mattress is more comfortable in width with a size of 1m6 x 2m
Full mattress is suitable for people who want to sleep alone and spaciously, couples who want to be close to each other in sleep, or for the living room.
Queen mattress is ideal for those who like to sleep spaciously, with lots of space.
Is there a mattress larger than 2m x 2m2?
On the market, Super King size mattress 2m x 2m2 is the largest size. However, you can contact the mattress company to order a larger mattress size to suit your needs.
How to buy the right mattress for your bed size?
To buy the right size mattress, you need to note the following:

1/ Measure the exact size of the bed:
- Length: from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed
- Width: from left to right

2/ Note if the bed has a bed: need to start measuring from the bottom of the bed frame. Estimate the desired height of the mattress.

3/ It is recommended to use a tape measure, repeat 3 times to be sure.

4/ Chat with sales staff for specific advice.
How to measure the correct mattress size?
To measure the correct mattress size, use a tape measure to measure the following mattress dimensions:
- Length: from the beginning to the end of the mattress
- Width: from left to right
- Height: from the bottom bottom to the mattress surface

Repeat 3 times if necessary. After you have the measurements of the mattress, you can easily name the mattress size to make a decision to buy bedroom accessories such as bed sheets, mattress protectors, etc.
Is there a mattress size less than 1m2?
Single mattress 1m2 x 2m is the smallest size on the market today.
You can absolutely contact the mattress company to order a smaller size option to meet your needs. With a very small size mattress, you should pay attention to choose a high-quality mattress and consider the width of the mattress for the most comfortable sleep.

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