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Ru9 Foam Topper

Your comfort zone wherever you are.

Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 êm ái
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 gọn nhẹ
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 linh động
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 thoáng mát
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper kháng khuẩn, khử mùi
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 êm ái
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 gọn nhẹ
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 linh động
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper Ru9 thoáng mát
Nệm cuộn Foam Topper kháng khuẩn, khử mùi


2.990.000 VNĐ VND
2.990.000 VNĐ
Sold out
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Free shipping within 1 - 5 days

  • 30 days 1-to-1 replacement
  • 1-year limited warranty

2 layers of soft foam
Flexible design
Deodorant and antibacterial
Easy care

Soft and neat design.

The combination provides the ultimate comfort experience: comfort and convenience, suitable for all families.

Soft and neat design.

1. Tencel Cover

Airy and absorbent


2. Memory Foam

Soft and flexible, integrated with antibacterial activated carbon


3. HR Foam

Effective support, integrated deodorant green tea molecule

Comfort everywhere with Ru9 Foam Topper

Mattresses for every moment: relatives visiting home, renewing an old mattress or children's play area

Compact, space-saving, comfortable anywhere

The Foam Topper has a clever button that allows you to roll / fold the mattress neatly, saving space and making it easy to transfer anytime and anyplace.

Let the old mattress become softer than ever

If you can afford to replace a too hard latex mattress or a spring mattress that brings an uncertain feeling, Foam Topper will help you find a good night's sleep thanks to its special 2-layer foam structure. The old mattress will become softer, more comfortable, and firmer than ever.

Effective antibacterial and deodorant

Foam Topper is intensively researched for antibacterial features, meeting the needs of use in any space. Green tea essence and activated carbon are integrated in the foam to effectively antibacterial and deodorize, so you can rest assured and relax anywhere.

Bring comfort to any space

The smart design and special materials of Ru9 Foam Topper make it easy to enjoy comfort in any space.

Peace of mind with superior service


30 days 1 exchange 1

Use with peace of mind, no risk


Free shipping

Free deliver to you, wherever you are


1 year warranty

Experience lasting comfort with peace of mind

We care about your safety and our planet

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What is Ru9 Foam Topper used for?
Ru9 Foam Topper is a versatile product that can be spread in many spaces: spread out the living room for all family members to relax comfortably; easily turn into a mattress when you have guests at home or spread the Topper on top of the old mattress to sleep comfortable.
Is Ru9 Foam Topper foldable?
Yes. Ru9 Foam Topper with smart lanyard design makes it easy to fold in three or roll up neatly, saving space.
Does Ru9 Foam Topper have a 100 night trial?
Ru9 Foam Topper does not apply the 100-night trial. Topper is warranted for 1 year and 1 for 1 exchange within the first 30 days, giving you peace of mind. Learn more about Ru9's Warranty Policy.

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