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Why sleep a lot and still tired?

Nhiều người thắc mắc mình đã ngủ đủ giấc, ngủ sâu mỗi ngày nhưng luôn trong tình trạng uể oải mệt mỏi. Hãy cùng Ru9 hiểu đúng về các tình trạng này nhé!
Why sleep a lot and still tired?

Every person spends at least a third of their life sleeping. Many people wonder if they have had enough sleep, sleep deeply every day but always in a state of fatigue. There are days sleeping a lot about ten hours or more still does not reduce the desire to sleep.

Let's learn about the problems with Ru9 and understand the sleep conditions properly through the article below.

1. What is a lot of sleep? The harm of sleeping a lot

Differentiate between heavy sleep and deep sleep.

Sleep a lot is studied as one of the symptoms of sleep disorders. Each person at each age needs different sleep needs. Sleeping a lot is not only sleeping continuously for longer than needed, but also includes the concepts of fatigue, moodiness, restless sleep, always sleepy and wanting to sleep.

Deep sleep is one of the states of a sleep cycle, consisting of 4 stages:

  • Stage 1: Doze half awake and half asleep
  • Stage 2: Doze off, start to fall asleep
  • Stage 3: Pre-deep sleep
  • Stage 4: Deepest sleep. This is the state in which the internal activities of the body are reduced to a minimum.

Sleep is enough sleep, deep sleep?

Sleep a lot but not necessarily deep sleep. Deep sleep is an important time, people need to achieve enough amount and duration of deep sleep to rebalance energy for the body. Therefore, if you sleep a lot but do not achieve a deep sleep state, it will only cause more fatigue for the body.

Sleep time reasonable for each subject

Sleep needs vary by age and individual. Here are the results of the study standard sleep duration of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Expert Panel:

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  • Infants 4 - 11 months: The standard of sleep is about 12 - 15 hours, (including naps), should not be less than 10 and more than 18 hours
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  • Preschoolers 3-5 years old: Standard of sleep is about 10 -13, should not be less than 8 and above 14 hours
  • Children 6-13 years old: The standard of sleep is about 9-11 hours, should not be less than 7 and more than 12 hours
  • Teenager 14-17 years old: The standard of sleep is about 8 - 1 hour, should not be less than 7 and above 11 hours
  • Youth 18-25 years old: The standard of sleep is about 7 - 9 hours, should not be less than 6 and more than 11 hours
  • Adults 26-64 years old: Standard sleep about 7 - 9 hours, should not be less than 6 and more than 10 hours
  • Infants over 65 years old: The standard of sleep is about 7-8 hours, should not be less than 5 and above 9 hours

Effects of sleeping a lot

Obviously if it is a symptom of a sleep disorder, it will cause some harm to our health.

display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;Lots of sleep can lead to many harms

  • Weight gain: When you sleep a lot, the body will work less, the accumulated fat is less consumed. This is also the number one enemy of women.
  • Brain diseases: Causes headaches, causes brain stagnation. In the long term, it affects cognitive ability, poor concentration, memory loss, aging brain function...
  • Myalgia: Sleeping a lot causes the body to lie in one position for too long. This causes stiffness and pain in the muscles and joints.
  • cardiovascular effects and diabetes: 28% increased risk of cardiovascular disease, 34% increased risk of death from complications, and increased risk of Type II diabetes.
  • Biological clock disorder: The biological clock is turned upside down. Sudden daytime sleepiness followed by nighttime awakenings that prevent you from deep sleep.
  • Nervous breakdown: Sleep disturbance increases stress, susceptibility to mental illness. Or if you are already sick, it will reduce your ability to recover.
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  • Waste of time, affecting everyone: Imagine your boss is upset because you can't keep up with your schedule. Your family is unhappy if you are always moody.

2. The reason for sleeping a lot but still tired

Due to illness

Sleep a lot is both a pathological state and a symptom of a number of diseases such as Depression, Anemia, Neurological disorders, Hypothyroidism, Cardiovascular disease.. Specifically:

  • Depression: It severely affects everyone's sleeping problems.
  • Anemia interferes with the supply of nutrients for the body's activities.
  • Hypothyroidism in the neck, affecting the body's ability to convert food into energy for activities, causing fatigue.
  • Heart and liver disease affects metabolism and energy transmission.

Due to drug side effects

Except for sedatives, some other drugs will cause drowsiness as a side effect. The most common are medicines for colds, headaches,... To special medicines for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer drugs, pain relievers,...

The reason is that the drug contains ingredients that affect neurotransmitters in the brain, reducing the function of regulating sleep and reducing alertness.

To overcome it, you can ask your doctor to change medicine or add more nutrients to help balance the body's resting state.

Unscientific sleeping space

Many people don't remember that they didn't sleep well, but just find it difficult to understand when they are still sluggish after a long sleep. Some reasons:

Sleeping position and sleeping space affect sleep quality
  • Lying in the wrong position: Too high a pillow, a pillow on your hand, wind blowing in your face, covering your head... are bad habits when sleeping.
  • Bad bedroom equipment: Poor quality bedding, light too bright or too dark, not fresh air,... all affect quality amount of sleep.

Unhealthy living habits

This cause occurs mainly in young people. Work pressure plus some unhealthy living habits such as often sitting in one place, not exercising, online before going to sleep, eating and sleeping in moderation, abusing stimulants, etc. lack of alertness, often tired despite having slept a lot

Frequently sitting in one place and being sedentary makes the body increasingly sluggish, just wants to rest, make up for it, and sleep a lot. Feeling that no matter how much rest is not enough.

Eating and sleeping in moderation, napping too much causes an imbalance in the amount of sleep, making the tired body even more tired.

Stimulating substances such as alcohol, tobacco, .. as the name suggests, only temporarily stimulates the body's ability to stay awake. In the long run, it only makes the body more tired and the feeling of having to sleep more can compensate for the body's condition.

3. How to fix for deeper and more scientific sleep

Tips to overcome sudden sleepiness

If at some point the urge to fall asleep is uncontrollable, try simple tips like getting up and doing light exercise, going for a short walk, warming your hands and rubbing your eyes, and opening the door. Catching the wind, being exposed to the sun,... Drinking water or finding snacks is also a hint to help us stay awake.

How to fix it in the long run

Build yourself a healthy lifestyle:

  • Schedule exercise, eat right
  • Set a reasonable work and rest schedule
  • It is important to monitor sleep quality daily with mobile apps

Take care of your sleeping space:

  • Invest in sound equipment, lighting, curtains to regulate light.
  • Regularly clean the bedroom, use essential oils with a gentle fragrance to support deep sleep.
  • Invest in bedding mattress: Bed sheets Pillows are items that come into direct contact with people during sleep. So it can be said that these are the most important factors that help affect the quality of our sleep. Many people use poor quality bedding or pillows that are not suitable for their body condition, leading to poor sleep, not getting enough deep sleep, etc. Making us feel uncomfortable and tired the more we sleep. To improve this situation, you should choose mattress products with good support, elasticity and smoothness, coolness, and no secret when sleeping. You can refer to the mattress and pillow Ru9, which is made of memory foam material with outstanding features of the same support ability. Outstanding coolness.

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    Hopefully the above article can answer your question "Why sleep a lot is still tired". It is possible to face a lot of pressures and worries that make the quality of sleep go down, in one way or another. But remember to always maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough rest, sleep deeply, and sleep right, which is the most important secret to making our health more abundant. If you want to learn more about sleep care products to sleep better, don't hesitate to contact Ru9 immediately via website https://ru9. vn/ or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice question!