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The effect of bamboo mats in summer

The effect of bamboo mats in summer

Summer brings a lot of wonderful things, but it also leaves many difficulties due to hot weather. People who often have hot back when sleeping often have to look for cool back mats to have a cool sleep in summer days. A very popular option for us is the bamboo mat. But do you really know all its advantages and disadvantages? Let's find out with Ru9 whether lying on a bamboo mat is good through this article!

1. Is it good to lie on a bamboo mat? The effects of bamboo mat

Create summer cool

The main material of this mat is bamboo, bamboo - plants with natural welding properties. Besides, bamboo mats have a rather sparse knitted eye structure. Thus, the effect of bamboo mat is first of all to reduce heat and create ventilation for the body when lying down.

Safe natural materials

Made up of 90% natural bamboo, the bamboo mat is biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly. The next effect of bamboo mats is to pamper the skin of people who are prone to allergies or children with sensitive skin.

Bamboo mat - summer friend of Vietnamese people

Simple and fast cleaning process

When talking about the effect of bamboo mats, we cannot ignore the convenience of cleaning. Just a towel and a little salt water, vinegar or medical alcohol to thoroughly wipe the entire mat is clean. The mat after cleaning will automatically dry for you to continue using.

Beautiful design, diverse designs

Today, with many creative innovations, we have very unique designs with beautiful textures and various sizes. The bamboo mat is not only for lying on the back, but the effect of the bamboo mat is also to become a decoration for the room.

Durable, affordable

The effect of bamboo mat is also shown in its shelf life- from 5 to 10 years. Over time, if the yarns are broken, they can still be easily repaired. With such advantages, but the price of bamboo mats is very affordable, ranging from 500,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND depending on the size.

2. Disadvantages of bamboo mat

To answer the question of whether bamboo mats are good, we also need to recognize the downsides of this type of mat.

Easy to get moldy

Because bamboo mats are easy to clean and stains are hard to see, many families forget about regular cleaning. Mats are very susceptible to fungus and mold in humid places. Therefore, whether it is good to lie on a bamboo mat no longer depends on the sense of cleaning the mat of each home.

Difficult to transport because of the heavy weight

One ​​thing to consider when answering the question of whether the bamboo mat is good is that it is very heavy. The process of carrying it is quite strenuous, and can even cause damage to the mat. When the mat is broken, it will directly affect the health of the user.

Welding properties, so be careful for the elderly and children

Bamboo mat has a cooling effect, so when considering whether lying on a bamboo mat is good, we need to pay attention to subjects with weak immune systems. and sensitive to temperature changes. Laying on a bamboo mat in the rainy season can make the elderly or the baby sick.

Broken and lost shape when using

<3 This will cause all the effects of the bamboo mat to be lost. The mat loses its shape and becomes rough making it difficult for people with back pain to lie down.

3. Learn about IceFiber cooling technology of new generation air conditioners:

After discussing whether it is good to lie on a bamboo mat, we have a more comprehensive look at this "traditional" type of mat. To overcome the above disadvantages of bamboo mat, cooling technology new IceFiber has been researched to come up with an IceGuard air-conditioned projector product with many outstanding functions:

  • Helps the bed immediately drop 1-2 degrees from normal temperature.
  • Modern materials make the mat light and comfortable.
  • Each fabric has the ability to absorb cool temperatures in the air and retain it on the fabric surface.
  • Neutralizes the contact temperature between the body and the lying plane, creating the ideal temperature zone for sleep your comfort is always.

It can be said that the new generation of air-conditioned mats has brought into play the effects of bamboo mats and brought more convenience when used for people hot sleep.

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    Whether it's good to lie on a bamboo mat will depend on each person's point of view. Many families are satisfied with the effect of bamboo mats and are loyal to this type of mat. However, bamboo mats cannot avoid some disadvantages related to the elderly, young children and people with back pain. Therefore, for a truly soothing and cool sleeping experience, Ru9 recommend you try IceGuard cooling pad today!

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