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4 reasons why 100% cotton is the best material for your bed sheets

Currently, 100% cotton fabric is being applied a lot in mattress production. So what is 100% cotton fabric? Why is this material so popular? Let's take a look at the reasons why 100% cotton fabric becomes a reliable "companion" in all your sleep!

4 reasons why 100% cotton is the best material for your bed sheets

Currently, 100% cotton fabric is being applied a lot in mattress production. So what is 100% cotton fabric? Why is this material so popular? Let's take a look at the reasons why 100% cotton fabric becomes a reliable "companion" in all your sleep!

1. What is 100% cotton fabric? Features of 100% cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the most commonly used fabrics in the world. This is a fabric woven from cotton yarn that can be mixed with other materials depending on the purpose of use. In particular, 100% cotton fabric is the most natural fabric because it is not mixed with any chemicals in the production process. Thanks to that, 100% cotton fabric inherits all the advantages of cotton yarn: excellent absorbency; bring a sense of ventilation and comfort to the user; no scratches during use.

Contrary to 100% cotton, blended cotton is a fabric mixed with other materials or chemicals, depending on the level to create different fabrics. Currently, there are several popular and widely used cotton blend fabrics such as:

  • Vải cotton 65/35 (CVC) - Consists of 65% cotton and 35% PE. CVC fabric is widely produced because of its reasonable price. Still, it does not lose too many features of cotton fibre, such as moisture absorption.
  • Vải cotton 35/65 (TC) - consists of 35% cotton and 65% PE. TC fabric also has the advantage of low cost, so it is often used to make T-shirts. However, because it only contains 35%, cotton 35/65 does not have the coolness and softness of 100% cotton fabric.
  • Vải cotton poly- is a fabric created from the synthesis of pure cotton and polyester fibres. Depending on the mixing ratio, the poly-cotton fabric of each manufacturer has its own characteristics. Today, some of the most popular blend ratios are 20% cotton - 80% polyester, 25% cotton - 75% polyester. Because the percentage of cotton is relatively low, the fabric's breathability is also significantly reduced.
Cotton-spandex fabric - is a combination of cotton and spandex yarn. This fabric is often used in sportswear or underwear rather than blankets, with the greatest advantage of good elasticity and absorption. gối đệm.

2. 4 reasons 100% cotton is the best material for your bed sheets

2.1. 100% cotton material provides breathability thanks to good absorbency

100% cotton fabric is extremely absorbent, up to 20% of its own weight. Similar to a towel, this material has the ability to remove moisture from the surface of the skin. When you touch cotton fabric, you will feel extremely cool and comfortable. It is thanks to this property that 100% cotton fabric is always preferred over products such as sportswear or bedding because it can prevent moisture from accumulating, keeping you comfortable even when you sweat a lot.

2.2. Cotton fabric is easier to use and maintain than other blended fabrics

Odour-free: When you do sports or cook, especially with stages that need to be in close contact with fire such as barbecue, campfire, the smell of sweat and smoke will definitely stick to your clothes. These scents will still linger on polyester fabrics even after thorough rinsing. However, using 100% cotton fabric, this material will release odour-causing substances better than other fabrics, without leaving an unpleasant scent from body sweat or external agents.

No shrinkage after washing: With cotton fabrics mixed with highly elastic materials such as spandex, the possibility of the fabric losing its inherent shape is very high. To prevent this from happening, you should choose a cotton fabric with 5% spandex or more minor or use 100% cotton so that the fabric does not stretch even after you wash it many times.

Easy cleaning: 100% cotton fabric is more straightforward to wash and care for than other fabrics. You can completely clean this material with a regular washing machine without handwashing or taking it to a dry cleaner. Long-standing stains can also be removed with a few simple tips.

100% cotton fabric is not easy to fade, grainy and more durable than cotton blend: 100% cotton fabric has high tensile strength and tensile strength, so conditions such as fabric crumbs, fabric are damaged. Graininess or fading is less common than cotton blends. The durability of this material also increases by 30% when soaked in water. It can be washed with hot water many times without fading.

2.3. Health and sleep are guaranteed when using cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is very “sleep-friendly”: It is no coincidence that most people invest in a bed sheet made of 100% cotton. This material has been proven to help you sleep better because, unlike synthetic fibres, 100% cotton fibre does not retain heat underneath the bed sheet, helping you to have a comfortable, cool sleep. This will help regulate the temperature at night, and you won't be woken up by a feeling of heat and mystery.

Cotton is a natural material, safe for the most sensitive skin: 100% cotton fabric is exploited and produced entirely from cotton, without any chemicals added. It rarely causes skin irritation. This is also a dermatologist-recommended material for people with allergies or skin conditions. This is also why cotton is used in medical devices such as absorbent cotton and gauze and is the first choice for children's delicate skin.

Reduce the spread of bacteria:You may have heard somewhere that cotton is an excellent material for underwear. Still, hundreds of thousands of underwear models are made from polyester, nylon, or other synthetic seams. These materials have poor absorbency, causing moisture to be trapped on the surface, creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply. On the other hand, 100% cotton is highly absorbent, keeping the exposed skin surface dry reducing the risk of yeast infections.

2.4. Cotton is an environmentally safe material

The production and exploitation process does not take up much land & water: Any plant needs soil and water to grow. Still, cotton doesn't consume that many resources. In fact, cotton farms in the United States can now harvest twice as much cotton as they did in 1980, but the area planted to it has remained the same. This reduces the need for land use by up to 30% and soil erosion by 68%, thanks to modern farming techniques.

As for water, half of the global cotton bowl relies entirely on natural rainwater to grow. Did you know that only 3% of the world's agricultural water is used to grow cotton? Cotton is inherently heat and drought tolerant, growing into cotton seeds without constant watering.

100% cotton fabric is fully compostable or recyclable: Different from cotton blends or other synthetic fibers, 100% cotton is biodegradable, even It even makes the soil more fertile. Within 234 days, the decomposition rate of cotton is 95% faster than that of polyester fibre. Cotton fibre continues to be completely decomposed into nature without leaving any harmful chemicals. In addition, due to its durability and ease of handling, 100% cotton fabric can be reused or industrially recycled.

With properties that are "friendly" to both sleep, skin and the environment, 100% cotton fabric is entirely worthy of being the first choice for bedding. If you are looking for a quality bed sheet to bring a good night's sleep, choose a sheet with 100% cotton material! This will definitely be a worthy investment for you and your loved ones.