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Synthetic Latex Mattresses And Things You Need To Know About This Mattress

Synthetic Latex Mattresses And Things You Need To Know About This Mattress
There are many types of latex mattresses on the market. Each type has its own characteristics to meet the needs of each consumer. In which, neoprene mattress is the most popular choice. Have you understood this type of mattress yet? Let's learn about this mattress with Ru9.

What is a Neoprene Mattress?

Nynthetic latex mattresses are made from petrochemicals (styrene and butadiene), often mixed with other amounts of natural latex. together. Synthetic rubber tends to break down faster than natural rubber and may have a tendency to release gases (releasing chemicals from within the mattress).

nem rubber tong hop
The neoprene mattress is made of petrochemicals

Advantages and disadvantages of Neoprene Mattress


Good elasticity: Mattresses are usually 60-70% natural latex , so they still have pretty good elasticity. This property helps you to give you a very soft feel with a little bit of immersion. Then you will immediately feel a soft feeling of support.

synthetic rubber

The mattress's ability to support the body thanks vent system

Body support: With the zoned density vent system, you'll find that whenever you lie down on the mattress, your body parts sink in and the lighter elements are supported to keep your spine in alignment. However, it can only provide good support in the early years of the mattress.

Affordable price: Because it is made from synthetic materials, the mattress Synthetic rubber is quite cheap compared to some other high-end mattresses (only about 2-4 million). This is also one of the main reasons why consumers choose this mattress.

Save natural rubber resources: Invented after World War II II, when natural rubber resources are gradually being exhausted, so synthetic materials will use less resources when they only account for 60-70% of natural rubber.


Besides the above advantages, mattresses made of neoprene also have many disadvantages that make many people afraid to have to selective. Here are the minus points of this mattress.

Easily prone to hot stew: High heat retention with poor ventilation properties, The mattress will make you feel hot-headed and frustrated, leading to difficulty sleeping and mental decline. With this major weakness, this type of mattress is probably not suitable for our country of Vietnam when it has a tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid all year round.

Low durability: Although relatively stable, but after a while Over a certain period of time, the mattress will sag quickly, especially if used by a bulky person or exposed to frequent sports use.

May contain harmful substances:

Petroleum-based foams tend to 'off-gas' releasing volatile organic chemicals into the air, cause problems for your health, especially sensitive people.

Synthetic materials also tend to have problems with moisture, which can develop mold and dust mites over time. This should be very careful because it directly affects your health and sleep.

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bathe neoprene

Synthetic materials can be directly harmful Next to health

Not eco-friendly: Non-biodegradable, these Substances in synthetic latex mattresses have the potential to have a strong impact on the environment, which is certainly a concern while we are tending to go green.

The neoprene mattress is suitable for people who do not have many financial conditions< /span>

Not much to discuss about this. Through the above advantages and disadvantages, we can see that the biggest strength of a neoprene mattress is its affordable price. If you are young, have low income and have a moderate weight, this will be the right mattress if you have a need to buy a mattress and use it for only a few years.

Notes when buying a neoprene mattress

Need to distinguish latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are usually divided into 3 main types: 100% natural latex mattresses, latex mattresses synthetic and artificial latex mattress. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose and needs of the user. Compare mattress helps you understand the difference clearly Differentiate between mattress types to make the best decision when buying a mattress.

Reputable brand

Middles mixed with impurities and fake mattresses are rampant in the market. You should carefully review the origin, composition and feel for yourself to determine if the mattress is really quality, safe or not. Don't find the price too cheap compared to other units, but buying right away will not guarantee the health of your spine and sleep.

Vendor's policies

When you bought it but you feel that this mattress is not suitable for you or have problems such as unflattering, unflattering, ... at this point we are completely dependent on the supplier's policy. You should find out the policies that the supplier can support you, then choose a place you trust to ensure you do not lose your benefits as well as have the right to complain when the mattress is damaged.

The most important thing is to suit your needs

Among dozens of types mattress different With different prices, you will be somewhat confused because you do not know what to choose. You should know that the most important thing is to listen to your own needs. Knowing the health status, location, financial resources, ... of yourself and your family, you will make the best choice, the most suitable for you.< /p>

Ru9 Original Foam Mattress overcomes the disadvantages and enhances the advantages of neoprene mattresses

The neoprene mattress is probably just a temporary solution to sleep. Let's go to Original Foam mattress by Ru9 to see what features this mattress has more outstanding.

Flexible to conform to the natural curvature of the spine thanks to the top layer - Ru9 Contour Foam (HR) foam)

nen rubber tong hop

Flexible Ru9 Original mattress hugs the curvature nature of the spine

Neoprene mattresses can also support your body. However, after a long time of use, the mattress will gradually lose this feature and begin to sag. With Ru9 Original mattress, the top layer - Ru9 Contour Foam has high resistance, creating a surface with good elasticity, providing complete support for the spine for the spine and body.

With a long term solution and mattress durability , Ru9 Original mattress will still retain this feature for many times longer than a neoprene mattress.

Sleep all year round

Thanks to the Tencel Knitted Fabric, which is softer and cooler than the usual knitted fabric, helps us always feel cool and comfortable when lying on the mattress.

In addition, thanks to the breathable design and open structure of the Foam, the mattress will not be hot even if you have stay in one place for many hours. This is the optimal solution that a neoprene mattress cannot decipher.

Safe for health, friendly to the environment

Certified by CertiPUR-US® , Ru9 foam meets strict material standards: Does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, heavy metals, flame retardants, mercury or lead previously used in the foam industry. Ru9 will be a safe choice for you and the environment you can trust completely.

nem rubber roll is not good
CertiPUR-US Certified Ru9 Mattress ®


After reading this article, you must have solved the questions about synthetic latex mattresses. fit. Besides the advantages, the mattress also has many major disadvantages that make it difficult for many people to sleep. You should make a decision to buy a mattress based on your needs and financial capabilities. However, if you prioritize your health first, and value sleep and your spine, you can see more details on Ru9 Original mattress to make the best choice.

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