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How is Ru9 mattress manufactured with mattress manufacturing technology?

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How is Ru9 mattress manufactured with mattress manufacturing technology?

From the very beginning, we were like you, confused when we had to choose a new mattress and toss and turn when we bought the wrong mattress. Therefore, we decided to invest in new foam material with our own formula and modern production line, 100% in Vietnam, carefully calculated to bring the best product, solve the problems. problem that causes Vietnamese people to have a headache when deciding to invest in a new mattress.

And here's the journey of researching and producing Ru9 foam mattress - the first roll-up mattress packed in a box and meeting CertiPUR-US® standards of the United States of America, please Let's explore with Ru9!

1/ Stage 1: Researching materials and cooking foam before putting into production of foam roll mattresses

Based on the feedback about the support that many users in Vietnam want in a sleeping mattress, Ru9 started testing and researching the material for its mattress. We start with familiar and popular materials in Vietnam such as natural rubber, coir, spring... but none of these materials can meet the requirements of support, comfort and information. airy. Therefore, Ru9 started experimenting with foam - a material used quite commonly in mattress production in the West, but not widely known in Vietnam.

Our biggest step in this process was to produce high-performance foam in Vietnam (or HR foam - high resilience foam in English) and from there, Ru9 Contour Foam, an exclusive foam of Ru9.

Ru9 researches and applies technology to produce different types of foam

Ru9 researches and applies technology to produce different types of foam

During the production process, the foam will be cooked in a separate oven with very high temperature, to produce finished products like giant sponge cakes. Each "batch" of foam will produce a finished product tens of meters long, which will then be left to cool for a few days before being put into mattress production in the next steps.

2/ Stage 2: Cut the foam and assemble the complete Ru9 mattress that can be easily rolled

Large blocks of foam in stage 1, after cooling, will be put into cutting machines into smaller and thinner layers. Depending on the requirements of the final product, the area and thickness of the mattress layers will be different.

Foam blocks are cut to design standards

Foam blocks are cut to design standards

In Ru9 foam mattress, we have 3 layers of foam with different sizes, available arranged to work together to create optimal support for sleep:

  • Top layer: Ru9 Contour Foam perfectly supports, hugs the natural curve of the spine. The human spine always has natural curves, so a mattress that is too hard will create holes between the mattress and the body, causing the body to always stiffen, not relax. If this condition continues for a long time, this lack of support can lead to spinal problems, such as injury or herniated disc.

  • Second layer: Memory Foam integrates cold gel to relieve pressure on the whole body, helping you to stay relaxed and comfortable while sleeping, and this mattress also Supports temperature regulation during sleep thanks to cold gel particles that are automatically activated when exposed to body temperature

  • Bottom layer: Thick and durable PU Foam, helps insulate movement, keeps the mattress firm so you can always sleep peacefully even if the person next to you turns around in the night.

After the 3 layers of mattress are completely cut, the layers will be assembled and bonded together before moving on to the next stage to create a good mattress.

3/ Stage 3: Wrap fireproof cotton and mattress cover Ru9

The cooled foam mattresses will be pushed onto the line, then proceed to the step of wrapping the "layers" to reach the user's hands properly.

First, the foam is covered with a layer of fireproof cotton cloth and sewn tightly on the line. This fabric plays an important role in protecting the foam layers, especially in careless cases such as cigarette butts falling on the mattress, the fire will be limited and quickly extinguished, avoiding fire spreading into the foam layers. inside.

Foam mattress is covered with a flame retardant layer to increase the durability of the mattress
Foam mattress is covered with a flame retardant layer to increase the durability of the mattress

Next, type soft mattress< /a> covered with fireproof cotton will be covered with a typical Ru9 mattress cover. Zippers and fabric surfaces are also thoroughly checked during this step, to ensure the quality of the finished product. The last step of the fourth step is to use an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, if any, on the surface of the mattress cover, ready for the next step.

4/ Stage 4: Pressing the mattress

First, the finished ru9 foam mattress is put into the machine and wrapped with another "layer", in order to keep the mattress from being inflated after pressing the roll and also during the process. packing and shipping. After that, the mattress is pushed into a modern press, specialized for the production of boxed foam mattresses.

Ru9 mattress neatly folded
Ru9 mattress neatly folded

The 25cm thick mattress will initially be compacted to only about 3cm thanks to the flexible properties of the foam inside the mattress, along with advanced pressing technology, providing optimal neatness.

5/Stage 5: Roll the mattress

The thinly pressed Ru9 foam mattress in the above step will continue to go to the mattress roll stage. To ensure the most compact size, the mattress is first folded in length. Next, the folded mattress will be put into a special winding machine, which is also a modern industrial machine used in the production of mattresses in boxes.

Next, the Ru9 mattress is fed into the roll machine
Next, the Ru9 mattress is fed into the scrolling machine

The machine will roll the mattress as tightly as possible into a solid block, and at the same time ensure adhesion at the entire roll thanks to the "coating" added in the 5th step, resulting in neat rolls of mattress. doubt.

6/ Stage 6: Packing Ru9 mattress

Each roll mattress will be carefully placed in the Ru9 mattress box. The entire box is designed specifically with compact size, thick, durable material, has two handles on the box to optimize the convenience of mattress transportation, and is marked with standard mattress sizes. on the surface of the tank. In the mattress box, there is also a product manual and a thank you letter Ru9 sent to customers, containing necessary information during the mattress use period, warranty information, policies…

The mattress is curled and securely bound
The mattress is curled and securely bound

Finally, the mattress box is securely sealed, and the Ru9 foam mattress in the box is ready for you!

Ru9 is always proud to be the first mattress company in Vietnam to apply science and modern technology to the production process of the perfect mattress, optimizing a good night's sleep for Vietnamese people, with the same production line. Mattresses are located right in Vietnam. We personally research, search and make efforts to produce a quality, neat, and healthy foam mattress that is good for users' health while still ensuring an honest price.

Ru9 Foam Mattress becomes a prestigious choice for many families
Ru9 Foam Mattress has become a prestigious choice for many families

Every little detail on the mattress is carefully calculated little by little before being put into mass production, with the same policy buy mattress in installments, easy 100-night home trial, absolutely no fee, and superior customer care service to bring you a good night's sleep experience most complete. With all its efforts and enthusiasm, Ru9 is still walking on the path of realizing its vision, which is to bring a full and easy sleep to you and millions of other Vietnamese. through its meticulously designed and manufactured product!