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What is the ideal thread count for bedding?

Thread count - weave density is a factor that greatly affects the fabric, especially sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases. So what is the optimal thread count level? Is the higher the weave density the better?
What is the ideal thread count for bedding?

Besides a soft mattress, the accompanying bedding set also plays a very important role in the quality of your sleep. 100% natural cotton is considered one of the leading materials to make the highest quality bedding sets, in which, the weave density of the fabric (Thread Count, TC for short) is one of four. prerequisite factor to decide the quality of the fabric is good or not.

Decode what is the “thread count” of fabric?

“Thread count” of fabric is the weave density calculated based on the total number of warp and weft threads per inch of fabric. That is, if any inch of fabric is woven from 100 warp and 100 weft yarns, then the weaving density of that piece of fabric is 200. Usually, it can be said that the higher the density, the softer and denser the fabric. and high durability.

According to Professor of Textiles Preethi Gopinath of Parsons New York and Professor Shannon Maher of the Fashion Institute of Technology, cotton fabrics are usually divided into 2 types. popular:

Cotton Percale: Woven from 100% organic cotton yarn, the fabric used mainly for bedding products mattress. The weave density of the highest grade Cotton Percale fabric falls in the 400-500 range.

Cotton Sateen: This is a fabric with a low knitting technique between weft and warp and uses extremely fine fabrics to create a surface. soft, smooth. The weaving density of the highest grade Cotton Sateen fabric falls in the range of 300-600.

The truth about luxury bedding sets made from super-high density fabrics

The truth is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to own it. quality bedding sets.

Currently, many manufacturers on the market have confused the concept in calculating the density of fabrics to 'lead example' customers buy bedding sets pillow 'super-premium' ads with extremely high woven density up to 1200 at exorbitant prices.

The advertised bedding sets with super high woven density are actually caused by the manufacturer cheating when splitting 1 fabric into 2-4 yarns and then knit them together to increase the weave density to absurdly high levels. This method makes the fabric weak because it is separated into many different small fibers, creating a rough, rough, heavy and mysterious fabric surface when used.

<3 good' and 'you get what you pay for'. Therefore, many people do not mind spending a lot of money to buy a set of bedding that is not really of good quality but is also expensive.

So what is the best density of cotton bedding sets?

According to experts, the weave density of the fabric in the average quality bedding sets is only about 180. The weave density ranges from 300- 500 is considered the most perfect weave density for a soft and airy cotton fabric. Any bedding with a weave density higher than 500 is considered “unnecessary”.

According to Missy Tannen co-founder of the famous brand Boll & Branch,”Weaving density is a factor that determines the thickness of the fabric. The textile density is too high, it will obstruct the air, making the user feel hot and stuffy.”

Other factors to consider when buying a cotton bedding set


Besides weave density, there are other factors that you need to keep in mind. A good quality bedding set should be made from a fabric with a long, thin fiber structure that is woven in a single thread with thread count no more than 500. Choosing the right cotton fabric for your personal taste is also very important. For example, 100% organic cotton fabric (Percale Cotton) has a natural roughness while Cotton Sateen fabric has an extremely smooth and smooth surface. Therefore, no matter what type of cotton fabric is, always prioritize choosing a material that feels comfortable and caress the body to the touch.

The bedding sets with neutral colors are very popular with young people because simple beauty but delicate and luxurious.

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Weaving density is an extremely important factor for you to initially determine the quality of the bedding set is good or not. However, weave density is not the only factor. You also need to find out the quality of the fabric and the type of fabric (Only cotton has many different types of fabrics) to choose the best quality bedding set that suits your preferences and needs. your pocket.