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What is Graphene?

Graphene is an electronic science metamaterial. With its superior properties and flexibility, Graphene is widely researched and developed to serve a wide range of industries - from electronics - telecommunications to aviation,...
Two scientists who successfully experimented on Graphene received the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.
Graphene is transparent, the first 2D crystal discovered - the thinnest and lightest material known to man
Graphene is the strongest material in the world - about 300 times harder than iron and harder than diamond
Graphene is a very good conductor of heat
Graphene is very flexible and can be bent or formed into any shape

GRAPHENE FOAM Solve the problems of ordinary sleeping pillows

By combining the "miracle" advantages of Graphene and Foam, we have the most advanced material, providing optimal efficiency, thoroughly solving the problems of ordinary pillows.

Graphene Memory Foam releases heat in the head - the hottest part of the body:

As soon as it comes into contact with the head and neck - the two hottest parts of the body when you lie down, the built-in Graphene in the pillow will help all the heat dissipate to the sides, keeping the head and neck cool and comfortable. .

Graphene Foam effectively supports the head - neck - shoulders:

A good pillow needs to adjust itself to conform to the natural curve of the neck. Foam pillow core helps to release pressure, does not exert the opposite force on the body when you lie down; Combining Foam and durable Graphene, we have a pillow with optimal support.

Compare with regular Cotton pillow:

Cotton pillows are easy to collapse due to the soft material without support, easily deformed and become soft, flattened during 8 hours of sleep when encountering high temperatures radiating from the neck - nape.

The first pillow in Vietnam using Graphene Foam material

Super breathable
Super soft

Experience Graphene Foam technology at home, without fear of risk

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