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Tại sao Ru9 không bán qua trung gian?

Tại sao Ru9 không bán qua trung gian?

Different from Northerners calling as "real", the Southerners call it "truth". For example, Northerners ask "really?" then the South will ask "really?".

Spoken languages, especially regional languages, are a very interesting thing. The words in one place are called this, in another place they are called that, but they carry the same meaning. And conversely, the language "other" brought to "this place" can be pushed to another understanding. For example, if Northerners say "true value", Southerners will call it "true value". But if you say "real value" to the North, it means "value — disadvantage".

Most of us when buying products on the market today, we are mainly buying “real value”. According to a social survey, the cost we spend to buy a bottle of carbonated soft drink is only 5% of the cost of production — the cost that we enjoy including the soft drink and bottle, the remaining 95% costs for advertising and intermediaries. Not just soft drinks, most products are like that. Customers are extremely disadvantaged when they have to buy a lot of virtual value on the product they have.

But with Ru9 it's different…

High Quality level

Ru9 never thought that she was selling a customer one mattress — and only one mattress. Optimizing the price of a mattress is just the first story when we want to bring our customers "the full value of the mattress".

With the goal of providing the best sleep, Ru9 researched and used the highest grade foam material in the industry. mattress. Foam is the material made of foam, and compressed under a solid state, the denser the foam, the more complicated and expensive the process is because it creates very high elasticity and support.

Ru9 mattress is foam mattress is imported from Europe, but made in Vietnam. To be able to ensure the same quality as other imported memory foams, and still keep the price not too high compared to the Vietnamese, Ru9 has used the model of cutting out the middle. Therefore, the money you spend is exactly the price that a high-quality mattress like Ru9 is produced.

Average price real

Ru9 hands over the full value of the product to the customer. The amount you spend to buying mattress Ru9 accounts for 99% of all production and business costs.

If the "touches" at showrooms and dealers mattress store can't help you feel the effect, Ru9 gives customers 100 nights of trial sleep to experience it firsthand. Thanks to that, Ru9 doesn't have to pay for the  mattress store, an intermediary — also not really helpful in choosing mattresses.

Instead, with 100 nights of trial sleep, you can comfortably experience the best of 100 nights. And if you are not satisfied with your Ru9 mattress and want to return it, Ru9 will make free, fast pickup and shipping without you having to give any reason.

Customer care dedicated shop

A sheet mattress will accompany you through the important stages of your life. Understanding that, Ru9 offers a 10-year warranty service for mattresses. At the same time, Ru9 understands that, buying a mattress is not an easy and convenient thing because the size of the mattress is usually large and quite heavy. That's why,  Ru9 mattress is designed to be compactly packed in a box, free shipping and home delivery, providing a great experience. best and most convenient for customers.

And that's the maximum value Ru9 always pursuing: always bringing good sleep every day, good health and a refreshing spirit when waking up to customers.