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How do you choose good pillows for the elderly?

How do you choose good pillows for the elderly?

Elderly people often face some conditions such as: insomnia, poor sleep, Waking up in the middle of the night… causes great harm to health. In there, select sleeping pillow is also one of the main causes affecting the quality of sleep of the elderly. So how to choose a good and suitable pillow for the elderly? Find out what kind of pillow to buy with Ru9 let's go! < /p>

Causes of sleep disorders in the elderly< /h2>

Due to underlying illnesses

Older adults often have nightly insomnia. However, this may just be a manifestation of underlying diseases such as:

  • Heart and lung conditions that affect breathing, such as heart failure and obstructive pulmonary disease chronic.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease, which causes heartburn symptoms and can be affected by large meals late at night.
  • Knee pain.
  • Urinary problems caused pee at night.
  • Mood problems such as depression and anxiety.
  • Neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  • Drug side effects.
  • Disordered breathing.

Cold is a common illness in middle age

So in order to have a good night's sleep, you need to care and support your loved ones to completely treat health problems photo Enjoy your sleep with a good pillow.

Wrong choice of pillow

So, given the above problems, which pillow should I buy? Currently on the market there are countless types pillows so people are very It is easy to choose between good pillows and poor quality products. This is also one of the causes of insomnia in the elderly.

Low quality pillows are often not able to support the head and neck area. Elderly people when using these pillows often experience pain and discomfort every morning when they wake up. In addition, products that do not guarantee quality often do not have a clear origin. Therefore, the material that makes up pillowcase is not necessarily hygienic and may accumulate dirt, bacteria during transportation and trade.

So when elderly people use these pillows, they are often prone to poor sleep quality and dangerous to health.
Therefore, you need to pay attention to select the right quality and safe pillow to ensure a good night's sleep for you elderly people.

Which pillow to buy? Types of pillows on the market are suitable for the elderly

1. Natural latex pillow

This pillow is made from 100% natural latex. This material has good elasticity and high durability compared to other pillows. However, latex pillow nature has a disadvantage that is the feeling A feeling of a cleft palate in the head while sleeping. This causes discomfort for the elderly when using. At the same time, the price of natural latex pillows is quite high, so not everyone can afford to use it.
what kind of pillow to buy

Natural latex pillows

2. Feather pillow

Feather pillows were once a commonly used pillow. This pillow is soft and comfortable to lie on. However, after a short time of use, the pillow is easily flattened, unable to support the head and neck of the elderly.

This causes neck pain when using the pillow for a long time compared to other pillows. So, this is not necessarily a good answer to the question of what kind of pillow to buy for the elderly.

3. Foam pillow

buy a good pillow

Which type of pillow is good to buy? Foam pillows are being loved by many people
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This is one of the pillows that is gaining a lot of attention today. For seniors, foam pillow is rated is one of the most suitable materials to use.
  • First, the foam material has the ability to optimally support the head and neck area when lying down. . This does not cause pain every night after use like other pillows.
  • Secondly, the foam material doesn't cause any pitfalls. Elderly people when using pillows will feel cool and comfortable every night.
However, you also need to be careful when choosing buy a pillow made of foam. Since this material is still quite new on the market, you need to buy pillows at bedding store or a reputable brand like Ru9 to Quality assurance when using pillows.

New Ru9 Pillow - Nightly sleep for the elderly< /h2>

Understanding consumer needs and wondering which type of pillow to buy, Ru9 provides exclusive and advanced Niu pillow products. . The product is manufactured using modern graphene memory foam material and is OEKO-TEX certified for safety.

In addition to the aforementioned features of foam material, the Niu pillow from Ru9 also offers outstanding features suitable for adults. age. The pillow can be adjusted to any body and sleeping position. This provides the ideal height for the elderly to lie down on. At the same time, Ru9's Niu pillow is also easier to clean than other pillows thanks to the easy-to-remove zip lock. Therefore, you only need a few simple steps to remove the pillowcase for cleaning.

Besides, Niu pillow from Ru9 also offers customer care policies to help customers feel secure to use. Firstly, Niu pillows are warranted for 2 years 1 for 1 to commit to the long-term quality of the product. Second, Ru9 ships the pillow to your home completely free of charge. These are the current policies applied by Ru9, but no one on the market has any pillows. So, not only do you not need to worry about buying a good pillow, but Ru9 also accompanies your sleep with extremely quality and preferential services.

what kind of pillow to buy

New Ru9 pillow - Pillow good for a good night's sleep for the elderly

Ru9 hope the above article has helped you answer the question of what kind of pillow to buy. and are suitable for older people. In particular, Ru9's Niu pillow is considered the most suitable for the elderly to use. This promises to be a good pillow companion, companion for our grandparents to get a full deep sleep every night. Contact hotline 1900 63 63 21 or Fanpage Ru9 - The Sleep Company for detailed advice details and experience the product!

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