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Should I Buy a Spring Mattress or a Modern Memory Foam Mattress?

Should I Buy a Spring Mattress or a Modern Memory Foam Mattress?

Spring mattresses are favored by many generations of Vietnamese people thanks to their high elasticity, breathability, creating a smooth and cool feeling when lying down. Meanwhile, memory foam mattress is considered an effective solution for common spinal pain of office workers.

So when comparing familiar spring mattresses and modern memory foam mattresses in all respects, which mattress is the best to choose? Let's find out now!

What is a spring mattress? Which one is the most advanced?

Premium spring mattress is a mattress made from a coil spring system inside made of stainless steel, the outside is covered with a mattress cover. . This type of mattress has a very high elasticity, extremely good support for the body, but does not have a characteristic unpleasant smell like a latex mattress. By comparison, the best spring mattress is the pocket spring mattress.

Spring mattresses include two main types, pocket springs and link springs. Cheap spring mattresses linked together include many springs linked together by smaller joints, interwoven with layers of mousse to increase comfort.

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<p><span style=Meanwhile, a pocket spring mattress is a system with many independent springs in each pocket, which is fixed by a frame solid steel. With such a structure, the pocket spring overcomes the disadvantage of emitting an unpleasant sound when the link spring is turned.

Pocket springs also have more motion isolation than link springs so the user will not be affected by the movement of the person lying next to them . Due to possessing more superior features, the price of pocket spring mattresses will also be higher.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is a material born from NASA airplane seats with super absorbent and soft properties, capable of spreading the weight evenly. body upon impact.

Ru9 memory foam mattress is made up of multiple layers of soft support foam with a cooling gel layer and a breathable Tencel cover. The mattress with moderate firmness helps to significantly improve back and neck pain effectively.

Why are memory foam mattresses popular among Vietnamese recently?


Memory foam mattress has high durability, reflected in the warranty period of the mattress longer than other types of mattress. In contrast, high-end spring mattresses are also quite durable, but if you don't know how to use and maintain them properly or buy a poor quality mattress, the spring system inside is very quickly damaged after only a few years of use.

Recommended for people with back pain

Although the mattress is highly elastic and comfortable, the mattress is not suitable for people with back pain. Some mattresses can create an uncomfortable sunken feeling for people who like to lie on hard.

With the ability to support the spine, relieve pressure and spread the force evenly on the body parts, memory foam mattress is considered the number 1 solution. for people who often suffer from back, neck, shoulder, and back pain.

expensive spring mattress buy spring mattress spring high cap
Multi-layer foam structure for outstanding support and comfort


Memory foam mattress absorbs force well, so it will feel a little sinking when lying down, suitable for people who like the feeling of the whole body being "hug" hamlet", floating on the clouds. This feature of memory foam mattress also helps to spread gravity evenly throughout all parts of the body, helping to significantly reduce body aches, neck and shoulder pain when waking up.

Force Absorption

If you share a bed with someone else, a spring mattress can become a nightmare if either of you is often tossing or turning. Because of the high elasticity, if a person moves, the force will act on the remaining positions on the bed.

In contrast, a memory foam mattress will absorb and isolate movement, even if you turn over, it will not affect the person lying next to you. That's why many Vietnamese families prefer this type of mattress.


Since a long time ago, mattresses have a wide range of prices to choose from. However, "you get what you pay for" is not wrong in this case. Cheap mattresses often come with a poor quality spring system that quickly sinks and makes an annoying sound when you move.

The padding between the springs in poor quality mattresses can disappear after a period of use resulting in the spring hitting the body when lying down sleep. This will cause uncomfortable chronic pain, directly affecting health.

spring mattress with spring spring mattress with pocket spring mattress rack with high quality spring spring mattress
Luxury Ru9 memory foam mattress with quality and reasonable price

Meanwhile, also with a very reasonable price from only 8,490,000 VND (Installment from 749,000 VND/month) - xem updated Update price (if available) at here, you can already own one quality standard memory foam mattress CertiPUR-US (Safe ingredients - Durable quality - Environmentally friendly).

If you need to refer to other popular mattresses on the market, please visit the following link: magazine/tim-hieu-va-so-sanh-cac-loai-dem-pho-bien-tren-thi-truong

Spring or memory foam materials each have their own advantages and disadvantages that are suitable for each person's preferences and habits. If you love good elastic mattresses, high-end spring mattresses are the right choice. On the contrary, if you want to experience modern technology to make a superior soft mattress, buy a memory foam mattress right away Ru9 okay.

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