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Help Small Bedroom Become More Ventilated With 1m4 . Mattress

Help Small Bedroom Become More Ventilated With 1m4 . Mattress

The mattress is 1m2 in size quite small, while mattresses from 1m6 and up take up a lot of space. However, the 1m4 x 2m mattress creates a more spacious body contact area and does not take up much space for rooms with a modest area. But how to arrange a small bedroom with mattress size 1m4 that Still keep the open space? This article will help you to solve that concern.

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Limit miscellaneous items in the bedroom with a 1m4 x 2m mattress

Small items will make the bedroom cluttered, creating a messy, cramped feeling. Instead, you should measure the area of ​​​​using decorations that match the room in the drawing from the very beginning. This will create significant ventilation for the small bedroom.

Using wall-mounted, wall-mounted, wall-mounted furniture< /h2>

Limiting the use of furniture placed on the floor will help you create more space for a more airy room. Therefore, Ru9 suggests that you switch to using wall shelves, built-in cabinets to keep the bedroom neat and have a more beautiful interior layout.

Use versatile design products

For a small bedroom, you should choose a bed with storage drawers, a folding desk or a combination of bed and shelf layout – The wardrobe will make your bedroom comfortable but very minimalistic and beautiful.

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Using multipurpose designs and 1m4 mattress to make small bedroom airy

Prefer small but comfortable bedrooms

The most important thing when arranging a small bedroom is to prioritize the bed that creates a certain comfort. Unless the room is too small, you should consider choosing a 1m4 x 2m mattress instead of another mattress size. This is an extremely reasonable size for a bedroom with a modest area, helping you to rest with the most comfortable lying positions after a hard working day.

Notes when choosing a mattress with dimensions of 1m4 x 2m< /h2>

With small bedrooms using this mattress size, the following should be noted:

  • The 1m4 mattress must be a soft mattress with a moderate thickness.
  • Creates ventilation, does not cause a feeling of hot, secretive when sleeping in the air small space
  • The mattress design must be easy to clean and move quickly in necessary cases. .

Although the mattress size is small, you can absolutely choose a high-quality mattress to sleep on. sleep comfortably. Therefore, among the mattresses 1m4 x 2m on the market today, Ru9's mattress line is the optimal choice for people with small bedrooms. The foam material used in all Ru9 mattresses is an internationally certified material with breathable, comprehensive support, CertiPUR-US - The world's leading prestigious certification for foam.

Ru9 Original Mattress

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Ru9 Original mattress uses foam material with foam breathable, all-round support

Ru9 Original Mattress offers a much higher support effect than other too hard or too soft mattresses on the market today. The mattress has 3 layers of foam to give you the best sleep experience:

  • Top layer Ru9 Contour Foam (HR foam): flexible hugging natural curvature of the spine, keeping the body from sagging despite being affected by the gravitational force of the Earth
  • Second layer - Memory Foam: relieve pressure, your body will be let loose and relax
  • 3rd layer - PU bottom foam: keeps mattress and mattress surface stable, sure during use

Nest by Ru9 mattress

    However, if you want to save money, Nest by Ru9 mattress would be a more affordable choice. The mattress has a thickness of 15cm neatly and comfortably. The mattress is composed of 2 layers of foam, which is much better than similar sized products on the market:

    • Top layer - Ru9 Contour Foam (HR foam): hugs the natural curvature of the skin spine and body
    • 2nd layer - Ru9 Support Foam (PU Foam): durable, solid, no deformed throughout the night and during use.
    1m4 mattress 1 4m x 2m mattress 1m4 x 1m8 mattress 1m4x1m8

    Nest by Ru9 mattress is compatible with most bed and small bedroom space

    Both the Ru9 Original and Nest by Ru9 mattress lines use a soft and cool Tencel Knitted Fabric cover, providing ventilation. absolutely while sleeping. The mattress cover is designed with a zipper attached, very convenient when changing the cover or cleaning, washing. At the same time, bringing Ru9's mattresses into the house is also quite easy and neat thanks to the flexibility of the foam pressed into the box.

    A benefit not to be missed when buying mattresses from Ru9 means you will get a 100-day free trial sleep. At the same time, Ru9 also supports customers to buy mattress products with a 0% interest installment program that is both economical and convenient.

    After discovering how to make a small bedroom airy and the amazing features this mattress line has. 1m4 Ru9 brings sleep, are you ready to "F5" back to your bedroom? If the answer is yes, please lcontact Ru9 immediately by texting on the website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice on more mattresses and to order goods.

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