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How thick is the best mattress for the spine?

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How thick is the best mattress for the spine?

A thin mattress thin mattress is one of the factors that reduce sleep quality. Moreover, not always the mattresses sold on the market have the right thickness for each person. Let's refer to the following article to save the tips to choose the right thick mattress for sleep!

What types of thick mattresses are on the market today?

Per line mattress are manufactured with different dimensions, thicknesses, and functions. However, all types of mattresses have the same purpose: to provide a comfortable sleep. Therefore, many criteria have been put forward to evaluate how thick a mattress is.

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The thickness of the mattress also determines the quality of your sleep< /div>

1. Spring mattress

Spring mattress is one of the most popular thick mattresses in the market. This product is characterized by high elasticity and bounce. Spring mattresses are relatively cheap and suitable for many families. However, the quality of this product depends on the spring structure frame inside.

The lifespan of a spring mattress is only about 5 years and cannot be compared with a latex or foam mattress. After a period of use, the spring blocks will degrade and make noises every time the user moves. Besides, the mattress surface is prone to sagging, making your spine prone to curvature.

2. Latex mattress

Natural latex mattresses are evaluated as a safe, benign and good product today. Mattress brands always focus on producing a variety of this product line to serve the needs of each different customer. The popular thicknesses of this mattress line can be mentioned as: 5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm.

This mattress line has a high price and on the market today, there are many fake and poor quality products that "disguise" high-grade latex mattresses. Therefore, you should consider choosing a reputable brand to avoid buying the wrong product.

3. Foam mattress

Pressed cotton mattress is also one of the thick mattresses chosen by many families. The advantage of this type of mattress is its low cost and high convenience. Most of the foam mattresses on the market can be folded to help users expand the space in the house and easy to transport.

However, this product line has a rather hard surface, so it is not suitable for those who prefer to use soft, smooth mattresses. Therefore, people who often suffer from back pain and sciatica should not choose to buy this mattress. Low service life 4-5 years.

4. Foam mattress

The next brightest candidate for the thick mattress line is foam mattress. Foam mattresses are being appreciated for their good elasticity like latex mattresses and affordable prices for many families. About the thickness of the popular foam mattress on the market including from 10 cm to 25 cm for your choice.

However, this product line is also affected by many poor quality manufacturers, causing consumers to lose confidence in foam mattresses. Therefore, you should choose reputable brands like Ru9 to be able to experience the product quality to the fullest.

So what is the best mattress thickness?

Basically, a mattress thickness of 10 cm or more is considered the best for the body. Besides, the greater the thickness, the more money you need to spend to own the product. However, depending on the object, you can consider choosing the appropriate thickness as follows:

  • Thickness 5 cm: This is the right mattress thickness for children and babies. This mattress line is chosen by many parents to cover the floor to create a large open space for children to freely play. On the other hand, with this thin mattress, it will protect the child's safety, limit falling, falling off the mattress/high bed.

  • Thickness 10-15 cm: this is the average thickness suitable for most objects and children. A mattress with a thickness of 10cm will fit most bed frames in Vietnam and create a sophisticated aesthetic for your room.

  • Large thickness from 18 cm or more: this is the most ideal thickness and is suitable for the elderly. Because, the old people's spine is gradually aging and very vulnerable. Therefore, the mattress with a large thickness will create absolute support for the body and reduce the impact of pressure on the body. From there, create comfort, smoothness and help users easily fall asleep.

In general, you need to accurately determine the use needs, quality and longevity of the product. Most of the sleeping pillows or thin mattresses that do not meet the standards have a short lifespan, quickly collapse, and lose their original structure. This will affect the health of consumers. If you wake up with back pain after waking up, you should check and consider buying a new, comfortable mattress.

3 Reasons why thick mattresses are always on the list of the best mattresses

It seems innocuous, but choosing an arbitrary mattress regardless of thickness affects it bad for health. Thin products may not have enough support and are not compatible with many sleeping positions, thereby causing you to experience consequences such as pain, spinal deformity, etc. Therefore, choose to buy a mattress. Having the right thickness will help you save costs and protect your sleep and health.

1. Choose a thick mattress to help you sleep well

An ideal thick mattress will possess optimal elasticity, supporting every soft spot on your body. Thin mattresses under 15cm often experience subsidence and loss of elasticity quickly. If users use it for a long time, it will lead to many serious bone and joint diseases.

However, it is difficult to find a good thick mattress at an affordable price. With materials such as natural rubber, the thicker the mattress, the higher the price. Therefore, high-performance foam material can optimize support with its thickness. Thanks to that, the thick foam mattresses not only bring you a good night's sleep but also protect the user's health.

cheap 20cm thick mattress

Choose a thick mattress for moments of complete rest

2. Choose a thick mattress to relieve body pressure

Matresses that are at least 15 cm thick combined with good support materials such as high-performance foam are the perfect choice for the most comfortable sleep. If you choose a product that is not thick enough, then when you wake up, you will often experience uncomfortable aches and pains. Thick foam mattresses with high elasticity will completely change the quality of your sleep. In particular, the layers of foam can provide optimal support, release pressure evenly for the body no matter what position you lie in, thanks to the ability to combine features together.

3. Thick mattress that can be spread on the floor

With great body support, a thick mattress from a reputable mattress store is not only suitable for middle-aged people but also for pregnant women. Thin mattresses after a period of use easily sink and cannot cover the floor.

A mattress with the right thickness will help you take advantage of the floor. Especially for families with small children, high beds will be dangerous for babies if they fall. Therefore, a thick mattress with a firm bottom that can be spread on the floor will help protect your baby and limit the baby falling off the bed.

Ru9 memory foam mattress with optimal thickness and full body support

With a thickness of up to 25cm, Ru9 multi-layer foam mattress has marked a new step in the sleep industry. Ru9 memory foam mattress has optimal support, minimizing pressure on the lying person. Ru9 mattress with 3 different foam layers brings you a peaceful sleep.

Contour Foam Layer

Located in the top layer of this particular mattress is the Ru9 Contour Foam layer. This is the exclusive high-performance foam layer of the Ru9 mattress. The material has an open grain structure for optimal comfort. Thanks to this foam layer, Ru9 mattress has the ability to self-adjust to the appropriate support, fully embracing the curve of the body so that you are always comfortable in any lying position.

Ru9 mattress accompanies a good night's sleep

Ru9 mattress accompanies a good night's sleep

Memory Foam layer with integrated cold gel

The middle layer of the mattress is a thick layer of memory foam covered with cold gel. Memory foam is a material invented by NASA to reduce pressure in a vacuum environment. Since then, this material has been widely used in the bedding industry pillows and mattresses thanks to its outstanding ability to relieve pressure. With this foam layer, the pressure of the body will be evenly distributed horizontally when lying down. So you will feel the ultimate smoothness and comfort for a deep sleep. In addition, the cold gel particles contained in the foam also regulate the temperature and help you stay comfortable when lying on.

Thick padding

Ru9 foam mattress supports your body every night

Base Foam mattress

Finally, the bottom foam layer is made from high density PU foam. Thanks to the design with the right thickness, the Ru9 mattress bottom foam is firm and durable to help isolate movement and ensure a restful sleep. In addition, the optimal elasticity helps the Ru9 mattress to accompany you through the years regardless of time and weather.

With Ru9 mattress, you can rest assured with the quality of your sleep. The product is also guaranteed for 10 years of good sleep, and the first 100 nights of trial sleep, giving you peace of mind choose the most suitable mattress for you. Please contact Ru9 immediately to choose and buy yourself a healthy mattress!

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