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What is memory foam? Learn the production process of memory foam mattress

You wonder what Memory foam material is, is it good for health? The choice of mattress material is important. Let's learn about Memory foam with Ru9 for a good night's sleep

What is memory foam? Learn the production process of memory foam mattress
What is Memory foam? What is memory foam mattress? Is memory mattress good for health? If you are wondering about this, let's learn about memory foam with Ru9 so that you can choose a good mattress to help everyone in your family have a more comfortable sleep!

What is Memory foam?

This is a researched and applied material in the mattress industry, invented by NASA (US aeronautics and space agency) in 1966. This material has Another name is Mousse IQ (active foam), a type of flexible foam with high elasticity with extremely good elasticity. In terms of structure, this is a memory layer of polyurethane foam with additives, which increases toughness and has extremely high elasticity and is more durable than metal; commonly referred to as the "viscoelastic" flexible membrane.
What is Memory foam? A highly elastic flexible foam with exceptional resilience

Application of memory foam

This material is considered one of NASA's breakthrough inventions, widely used around the world. Memory foam is a material used in the inner lining of space suits, with the aim of reducing the maximum pressure in space, helping them avoid shocks during movement, especially bones. Their joints are best protected.
What is the application of Memory foam material? With the above-mentioned outstanding features, Memory Foam is widely applied in household mattress products and even for hospitals around the world. Experts say that Memory Foam is a potential material that can be applied more widely in the production of health care products for humans.
Memory Foam is widely used in household mattress products and even for hospitals.

Advantages of Ru9 foam mattress

Super smooth and soft

With the design of 3 foam layers of Ru9 mattress, the middle layer of Ru9 mattress is designed from Gel Memory Foam material. When you lie on the mattress, the pressure of your body is evenly distributed over the mattress surface. Therefore, the foam mattress creates optimal comfort and softness for the body when sleeping. In addition, the Ru9 foam mattress is perfected based on the actual user experience with perfect softness that always gives you and your family a full night's sleep.

No skin irritation

With its open structure and temperature-regulating cold gel, the foam has the ability to prevent mildew. Besides, this material is highly elastic and has a dense texture, so the air masses inside the mattress are pushed out during use, carrying dirt and helping to prevent bacteria from multiplying. As a result, Memory foam does not cause skin irritation, prevents insects from nesting such as spring mattresses, coir mattresses... Therefore, foam mattresses create comfort for users, especially ensuring Absolutely safe for users.

Excellent elasticity

What is the elastic feature of Memory foam? That is, when we put our hands on the surface of the mattress, the mattress will hug the curve of the hand to support that shape. When we lie on Memory Foam, they slowly hug the body according to the curve of the lying person, helping to provide maximum support for the spine, support the body while sleeping, and prevent harm caused by lying in the wrong position. In particular, the foam mattress helps to keep the body stable on the mattress surface with optimal elasticity and support.
What is the elastic feature of Memory foam?

Maximum support for the spine, joints and muscles

With its outstanding elasticity, memory foam mattresses are widely used in every home and especially in hospitals. Memory foam supports the treatment of diseases of the spine, joints and muscles thanks to its ability to reduce pressure and support the spine in the back, neck, arms and legs when the body is in a sleeping state.
What is the effect of Memory foam? Balance the spine, support bones, joints, muscles for homeowners

From the outstanding advantages of memory foam material Foam mattress is the best choice today. Ru9 is a brand of foam mattress that is trusted by many families. Ru9 foam mattress is made from many layers of foam with a solid structure that provides outstanding elasticity. As a result, the Ru9 foam mattress has the feature of helping to support and hug the natural curves of the muscles, relieve pressure on the body and support movement separation, creating a full sleep. In particular, Ru9 mattress foam has been certified safe for users' health from CertiPUR-US. In addition, the mattress is made from foam, so it is light in weight, convenient for arranging and moving. Besides, the cover of the mattress is highly breathable, easily removable for cleaning.
Above, is the information. about the memory foam mattress that Ru9 wants to share with you. Hopefully, through this article, you can confidently choose a quality mattress product that is right for you and your family.
As a sleep company, Ru9 wants to bring customers products that bring the best experience, helping everyone Have a comfortable, complete sleep. Please contact us immediately to know more about Ru9 products!