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What kind of pillow is good, does not flatten or yellow when used?

Chọn gối ngủ không phù hợp sẽ mang đến nhiều mối nguy hại cho sức khỏe của bạn. Hãy cùng Ru9 tìm hiểu cách chọn gối nào tốt nhất cho mình qua bài viết dưới đây.
What kind of pillow is good, does not flatten or yellow when used?

Select mattress< /a> good is not enough, you also need to add a soft pillow to have a full sleep. So what kind of pillow is good, does not flatten or yellow when used for a long time? Let's find out what kind of pillow is best with Ru9 through the following article!

Which is the best pillow on the market today?

Choose a good pillow that won't flatten or yellow?< /i>

Cotton pillow

Cotton pillow is made from natural cotton. This type of pillow brings a soft and bouncy feeling to the person lying on it. The advantage of cotton pillows is that they are cheap and can be bought anywhere. Although cotton pillows create a feeling of comfort when sleeping, the pillow does not have good elasticity, poor support. You will have to change the pillow often because the pillow will collapse after a short time of use. Moreover, cotton intestine is not antibacterial, easy to stick to dirt, difficult to clean, so it will cause yellowing. So, if you want to use the pillow for a long time, a cotton pillow will not really be suitable.

Feather pillow

Feather pillows are made from the feathers of animals such as swans, ducks... that have been cleaned and processed. The advantage of feather pillows is that they are lightweight, waterproof, non-hygroscopic and breathable.

The disadvantage of feather pillows is that the elasticity is not high, it is easy to lose shape after a short time of use. Similar to cotton pillows, feather pillows are also not antibacterial, easily stained and yellow after a period of use. More seriously, if you use poor quality feather pillows without processing, bacteria will arise, affecting health.

Simple design feather pillow

Natural latex pillow

Natural latex pillows are made from pure latex, ensuring safety for users. In addition, latex pillows also have high elasticity, good body support and durability. The pillow has a dense and hard structure that can prevent dirt and bacteria. The disadvantage that needs to be overcome in rubber pillows is that the ventilation capacity is not high, causing discomfort when sleeping. At the same time, the price of pillows is also quite high compared to the income of many people. In addition, low-quality imitations of latex pillows are also many, easily confusing for buyers.

Natural latex pillow

Foam pillow

This is the type of pillow that has attracted the attention of users recently. The advantage of foam pillow is its optimal support ability, keeping the spine straight . Foam pillows are considered by experts to be the most effective and safest type of pillow to support users with neck pain today. In addition, the foam material is also antibacterial, prevents dirt and will not yellow during use. You just need to clean and wash the pillowcase regularly to keep the pillow clean.

Each pillow type has its own advantages and disadvantages. But to choose a good pillow for sleep, you need to pay attention to your own needs and preferences. This will help you choose the most accurate and fast pillow.

Features of Niu Graphene Foam Pillow

Ru9 has always wanted to find out which pillow is good for everyone's sleep. Therefore, the Niu pillow product from Ru9 was born after a long time researching the sleep of Vietnamese people. Niu pillow is the answer to the question "which pillow is good?" that Ru9 is for you.

The Niu pillow is made from the exclusive graphene memory foam material from the Ru9 brand. Here are the preeminent features that the Niu pillow from Ru9 brings:

  • The pillow has the ability to perfectly support the natural curvature of the body with graphene memory foam.< /span>
  • Graphene is the most effective heat dissipation material available today, so it will give you coolness while sleeping. Heat from the head - the hottest part of the body will be dissipated as soon as you lie down to sleep.
  • Ru9's Niu Pillow is designed with an ideal height, high flexibility, and self-adjusting for suitable for all your lying positions.
  • Niu pillow from Ru9 uses an easy-to-remove zip lock, convenient for cleaning, ensuring a sleeping environment safe.
  • Graphene foam material is antibacterial, anti-dirt effectively. You just need to wash the pillowcase regularly to keep the pillow clean.

New Ru9 pillow helps you have a good and productive sleep

With outstanding features and superior features, Niu pillow is the perfect answer to the question "what kind of pillow is good, does not flatten or yellow when used?". Niu pillows from Ru9 with advanced, durable materials take care of your sleep in the best way. Please contact Ru9 via website and showroom immediately to own the best quality sleeping pillow today.