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Is memory foam pillow good? The benefits of using memory foam pillow

Don't know how to stop the aches and pains after a long sleep? So, choose a memory foam pillow to help you get rid of your worries every morning when you wake up.
Is memory foam pillow good? The benefits of using memory foam pillow

In many pillow products on the market, choosing a good pillow is not a simple matter. Currently, one of the popular pillow lines is memory foam pillow. However, this is also a new material that makes many people wonder if memory foam pillows are good? If you are still wondering about this product, let's go with Ru9 to find the answer right in the article!

What is the special structure of Memory Foam pillows?

Memory foam is a material researched and developed by NASA scientists. in 1966 to serve astronauts thanks to its elasticity and optimal force dissipation. Later, this material was used more widely in products related to daily life such as mattress, pillow, sofa…. In Vietnam, memory foam is applied by Ru9 to the production pillow to can provide optimal support for the user's head and neck. Ru9's pillow is made up of: an inner layer made of proprietary material graphene memory foam and a pillow cover made of knitted fabric Tencel.

Memory Foam Pillow

Why Ru9 memory foam pillows are popular with users

Are memory foam pillows good? The most accurate answer to this question is from real users' experiences. Ms. Thanh Ha/ Dong Nai, after experiencing Ru9's memory foam pillow for a while, happily shared:

I never thought of one < /i>sleeping pillow is subject to change again his life is like that. In the past, I often had to ask my husband for a massage because my neck and shoulders were always sore in the early morning. But since having memory foam pillow by Ru9 then that condition is gone. Without being bothered, my husband must be happier than me".

Memory Foam pillow provides comfort to users
Comfortable memory foam pillow

To provide a great sleep experience for our customers, pillow < /span>graphene memory foam Ru9 is designed with the optimal structure, thereby bringing outstanding features that are:

1. Soft support for the head and neck area

Class pillowcase graphene memory foam is a combination of memory foam and the advanced material graphene. This is the exclusive formula of Ru9 research and development. This modern technology gives the Niu pillow superior support thanks to its optimal flexibility and elasticity, so your neck and head will be cuddled smoothly all night long. As a result, your neck and shoulders will not be sore after waking up like when using other common pillows.

2. Absolutely cool during sleep

In addition to its versatility, graphene is also known for its outstanding heat dissipation performance today. By using graphene memory foam technology, the heat at your head is in contact with pillow will be dissipated as soon as you lie down. This would be perfect for hot summer days.

3. Ru9 pillow has the ideal height

This is the result of a thorough study of Vietnamese people's sleeping habits. Based on the condition and size of the Vietnamese people, the Niu pillow is designed with an ideal height of 12cm. At the same time, the high flexibility of the material can automatically adjust to different sleeping positions.

4. Tencel fabric is cool and safe for users' health

Through a rigorous testing process against the strict measurement standards of OEKO-TEX®, the Tencel material of the Ru9 memory foam pillowcase is STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® certified safe for users' health. At the same time, this is also an absolutely cool material to ensure the ventilation of the whole pillow.

With a product that always emphasizes health and safety for users like that, you probably have the answer to the memory pillow question Is the foam any good?

Is Memory Foam good for your family's sleep?
Is memory foam pillow good for your family's sleep?

<3 So don't hesitate to buy a pillow and experience 100 nights with Ru9 memory foam pillow!