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Choosing to Buy a Feather Pillow What to Pay Attention to?

Choosing to Buy a Feather Pillow What to Pay Attention to?

Feather pillows are considered the most advanced pillow line currently and receive a lot of attention from users. However, is the quality of the pillow really as rumored? What should you pay attention to when choosing to buy this pillow? Read this article to find the answer.

everon feather pillow
Note when choosing to buy feather pillow

What is a feather pillow?

This is a pillow stuffed with feathers of watercolors such as swans, geese, swans, ducks…


Natural and artificial feather pillows

Artificial pillow modified from microfiber material. The cotton fibers are separated into billions of microscopic filaments. Their appearance has a spongy texture, when touched, it feels soft and smooth while still ensuring super light weight.

Natural pillows are made from feathers of animals such as swans, geese, ducks, etc. There are two common types of pillows: goose feather pillows and duck feather pillows.

Goose down and Duck feather pillows

Goose feather pillows are known for their luxury, elasticity, and longevity than duck feathers. Goose feather pillows are lightweight, porous and retain heat well. Goose feathers have a larger plumage than duck feathers, and the characteristic natural smell is also lighter due to the low amount of natural oils in the feathers.

Dust feather pillows are cheaper because their feathers are usually small in size and produce large volumes. Goose feather pillows have a higher cost because the supply of goose feathers is not high, the cost of breeding is more expensive than duck feathers.

In addition, there is still one more classification, which is Down Pillow and Feather Pillow.

Down Pillow and Feather Pillow

Feathers used in apparel include 2 types: Down & My feathers are small (Feather). The villi are soft and smooth hairs inside, concentrated on the breast and belly of the waterfowl. The small body feathers are the outer coat of the waterfowl, made up of many hairs that are linked together horizontally from one main feather.

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Each type of feather pillow will have a different mixing ratio of down and down, specifically as follows:

  • 100% feather: This is the lowest price
  • 30/70 (30% down and 70% small): This pillow has an average price Normally, the higher the fluff index, the higher the quality and the more expensive the pillow
  • 70/30 (70% down and 30% small): This type has a near-premium price. , this is the most popular pillow type.
  • 100/0 (100% plush): The most expensive pillow in the same product line type.

Want to learn more about other pillows? See more at here .

you and me feather pillow
choose the right feather pillow for a good night's sleep

Notes when choosing feather pillows

To choose the right pillow, you need to consider the following factors the following element:

  • High-quality feather pillows are more expensive than the average.
  • The bulge of pillows is usually lower than pillows using conventional cotton. Therefore, this type of pillow will not be suitable for people who have a habit of lying on high pillows or sleeping on their side, which requires the pillow to be higher than the surface.
  • The pillow cannot be washed with water, so it will be difficult to maintain and clean. Besides, if not washed properly, the pillow is also prone to clumps and separation.
  • Pillows often lose their original shape after a period of use.
  • Pillowcases need to use specialized lines to avoid hair loss and rustling noises.
  • The pillow is also not suitable for people with sensitivities, respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies.

Ru9's Niu pillow and Hugging pillow - the best choice when compared to feather pillows

Considering factors of cost, quality and applicability, combo pillow Niu and hugging pillow of Ru9 would be an option worth considering for the following reasons.

Get the softness and comfort of a feather pillow

When you lie down, your head and neck are the two biggest emitters of heat. Pillow intestine New with Graphene technology application - a modern material that has just been discovered Presented and won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics - has the ultimate in heat dissipation, keeping your head and neck cool and comfortable all night long.

The Hugging pillow core material is improved with a combination of foam and cotton particles, which can move flexibly, compatible with the body shape and all different hugs.

everon feather pillowcase
Cushion pillow is compatible with body shape and every hug

Overcome the disadvantages of feather pillows

Cotton or feather pillows look bouncy but quickly collapse and lose support during the night because the material lacks cohesion. Niu pillow core is made of durable Graphene Memory Foam, with a height of 12cm suitable for Asian bodies, it will perfectly support the head - neck - shoulders, helping you to avoid feeling neck pain when you wake up.

Besides, the Tencel Knitted Fabric pillowcase of the Niu pillow is very absorbent, very cool, and comes with a hidden zipper for you to easily disassemble. and wash it, to keep Niu's pillow clean and fresh.

young rubber neck pillow
Nuu pillow perfect support for head - neck - shoulder

Hugging pillow is close to the actual size, With the right weight so that when you hug, the Hug pillow will act with just the right amount of force, giving you the feeling of the most comfortable hug. The pillow case is made of Tencel material, which is soft, cool, and absorbent. At the same time, the pillow is also especially suitable for people who sleep on their side, keeping your shoulders from falling down when lying down.


Hopefully through this article, you have understood the factors to consider when choosing to buy a feather pillow. If you want a more optimal choice for your bedroom, you can consider the pair of Niu pillows and Hugging pillows by Ru9 okay. Wish you choose the right pillow!

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