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Compare the types of foam pillows available on the Vietnamese market

Compare the types of foam pillows available on the Vietnamese market

Memory foam pillow is a very popular new pillow line recently. . The product stands out thanks to the use of modern foam material, for a comfortable lying position. However, many consumers are still wondering about the quality of foam pillows. Therefore, Ru9 sends you more specific information about this product to help you get the most accurate assessment and judgment about this pillow.

pillow memory foam 50d

Complete bed with pillow products modern and high quality foam material

1. What is a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillow is a pillow made of foam material. Foam is made up of air bubbles joined together by an open structure. Because of that, the foam has an extremely breathable feature. With modern technology, Foam materials are gradually developed to create many different types of foam. Particularly for the sleep industry, the most commonly used type of foam is called memory foam. This is a type of foam invented by NASA to protect its astronauts in a vacuum.

Youth latex pillow aka memory foam pillow

In fact, many users mistakenly believe that young latex pillows are made from young natural rubber. Latex pillow (also known as memory foam pillow) is made of Foam material It is a combination of Polyurethane compounds and many other additives. Memory foam has the ability to memorize body temperature and weight. Thanks to that, the memory foam distributes pressure evenly and does not cause pressure on the body.

That's why memory foam is being used in the production of sleep products such as mattresses and pillows nowadays. Due to its high elasticity, mildew resistance and environmental friendliness, this pillow is also being warmly received by many customers. Foam products have good support to help you have a good night's sleep. Moreover, the pillow from foam material will be cheaper and suitable for many families.

pillow memory foam lock&lock

Foam pillow - generation New advanced and quality pillow

2. What's the difference between Ru9 memory foam pillow and young latex pillow on the market?

On the market today, there are many pillow products with memory foam material with different prices. So how to choose a good sleeping pillow?

Disadvantage of memory foam pillows

Indeed, this pillow is rated as capable of effectively supporting the exposed body area. However, because of its ability to remember body temperature, memory foam is easy to cause heat and subsidence when in direct contact during night sleep, especially with the climate in Vietnam.

Therefore, when applying memory foam in production, one must combine with other foam technologies to limit defects. . Especially with pillow products, because the head and neck are the two hottest parts of the body. So without the correct formula and technique, the advantage of memory foam can easily become the biggest drawback of this material.

Aware of this, Ru9 has created an exclusive line of foam pillows that apply the most modern technology in the foam industry, Graphene and the pillow solves the above problem.

Niu Ru9 foam pillow - cherish you in every sleep< /h2>

Niu foam pillow - breathable all night long

Niu pillow is made of material Graphene foam. This is a material with optimal heat dissipation and breathability. As soon as it comes into contact with body heat, graphene will dissipate heat immediately, thereby maintaining perfect support throughout the night.

Optimal structure for comprehensive cervical spine support

Therefore, Niu Pillow with foam material is applied graphene foam technology to help the pillow retain its status quo but still float. , dulcet. As a result, the Niu Ru9 Pillow will support the curve of the head and neck area to help make the most comfortable and comfortable lying position.

Besides, the foam material in Niu Pillow is a high-performance foam, with elasticity and effective body interaction. Thanks to that, no matter what position you lie in, the Niu Pillow still has the right support, creating the ideal height for a good night's sleep.

Niu foam pillow - safe for users' health

Also, the Niu Ru9 Pillow is certified by OEKO-TEX®. This is a certification to use materials that are safe for users' health in the pillow cover and accompanying materials.

memory foam pillow

Niu Ru9 pillow brings more perfection and completeness to sleep< /i>

Hopefully the above article has helped you better understand the memory foam pillows on the market today as well as the advantages of memory foam pillows. pillow New Ru9. What are you waiting for, lcontact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to equip a memory foam pillow New Ru9 for your baby and family.

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