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5 Things to "Fall in Mind" When Choosing an Air-Conditioning Mat for Newborns

5 Things to

Since babies and young children spend a lot of time sleeping, quality bedding, mattresses, cribs, or other accessories must be - including air conditioning mats. Find out some of the information below that will definitely make it easier for you to choose an air conditioner for your newborn baby!

Children are suitable for using air-conditioned mats

In the crib safety criteria and bedtime for babies , parents should let the baby sleep alone, lying on his back in a crib with a firm mattress and tight sheets every time he sleeps.

<3 safely and soundly.

Children sleep better in a comfortable environment where their body temperature is not too hot < /span>

Effect of air conditioning mats for babies

The best way to help your baby sleep soundly and deeply is to ensure the right sleeping temperature. That's why recently, mothers are looking for 3d air conditioning mats for babies or viscose air conditioning mats for babies to help make the sleeping space of their children cooler and more comfortable. In fact, the air conditioner also has the following effects:

Air-conditioning to prevent asphyxiation in children

Study shows rates of sudden infant death (SIDS) increases during sleep if body temperature is too hot or too cold. Because with such body temperature conditions, young children with weak respiratory systems are more susceptible to asphyxiation.


Air-conditioner to prevent squash pits for babies

Children often have higher body temperatures than adults. So at night, it will be difficult to fall into a deep sleep and easy to cry if the room temperature is a little uncomfortable.

Recently, mothers prefer tencel air-conditioned mats for babies or air-conditioned rattan mats for babies to help children fall asleep faster and easier..

Ensure baby's sleep hygiene

Except for some fabrics such as baby air conditioner silk mats which are not waterproof. Most other types are capable of becoming a protective layer for the crib mattress from urine, milk, etc. With such a quick-absorbing air conditioning mat, you will create a more hygienic sleeping surface for your baby.

Criteria for selection of air conditioning mats for newborns

Air-conditioned mats for babies and young children need to meet the criteria to ensure safe and sound sleep. You can note some small notes below when choosing an air conditioner:

Size of air conditioning mats for babies

To ensure your baby's safety, the air conditioner mat must always fit snugly around the 4 corners around the mattress. There should be no space on the side that causes the loose mat to move when the baby moves.

IceGuard™ cooling pad has a wire to fix the 4 corners of the mattress to not move while sleeping

Safety material

When choosing a 3d air-conditioned silk mat for your baby or any other type of mat, safety must still come first. Not only the breathable structure allows for maximum airflow, helping to regulate baby's temperature. Newborn air-conditioning mats must also be resistant to dust mites, fungi, and other allergens.

Air-conditioner mat for babies with IceFiber fabric ™ quality ensures health and sleep for children

IceFiber™ cold fiber technology is suitable for children

A product that is truly safe for babies must meet rigorous testing standards. In which, IceFiber™ is the most modern artificial cold fabric technology today. In addition to the main function of absorbing cool temperatures in the air and retaining them on the surface of each fabric.

IceFiber™ is free of banned substances and a wide range of harmful chemicals - although these are not yet banned. Thanks to that, the cooling mechanism of the IceGuard™ air conditioner creates the ideal safe sleeping zone for your baby.

Information you need to know about IceGuard™ air conditioners for baby's sleep

If you're thinking about adding a certified infant air-conditioning mat to your bed so your baby can sleep better, consider check the option IceGuard™ air conditioner projector . Because of the following reasons:

Regulating baby's body temperature is not hot anymore

With IceFiber™ fabric, air conditioning mats are also known as IceGuard cooling pads ™ has a cool contact surface that helps regulate temperature and prevents your baby from overheating while sleeping.

IceGuard™ has a waterproofing effect on children

Thanks to the 100% waterproof layer, < span style="font-weight: 400;">air conditioner mat for newborns by Ru9 helps keep your baby's sleeping environment from getting wet and creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

No rustling while lying down

IceGuard™ Air-Conditioning Projector with 120gsm microfiber layer to prevent any movement during the night make an annoying rustling sound.

Air Conditioning Projector
IceGuard™ is 100% waterproof and does not make annoying noises when moving

Easy to use with mattress

Conforming projection structure IceGuard™ with strong ropes at 4 corners, not moving when baby moves.

Easy cleaning

One ​​of the extremely favorite advantages of diaper mothers is the cooling pad IceGuard™ is easy to clean with mild detergent and is machine washable. Just let it dry in a cool place.

Meet safety standards

The fabric of the IceGuard™ Cooling Sheet is certified to be safe for users' health, meeting the criteria set by the STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® - regulated by a team of leading experts in combination with international standards.

In short, air-conditioning mat for newborn baby is one of the products that save you the cost of replacing a new mattress and make your baby's sleep easier. easier. Hopefully, through this article, you will have the best choice for your child. For the most authentic experience, please contact the website https://ru9. vn/ or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company try it IceGuard™ Cooldown for 30 days for free!