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A safe and simple way to transport foam mattresses after a period of use

A safe and simple way to transport foam mattresses after a period of use

Although mattress memory foam has advantages the great point is that it's easy to ship when it's available roll in the bin is compact, but the question is how to transport the foam mattress after it has been opened to its full size without not damage the mattress?

Ru9 will guide you on how to safely and simply transport a foam mattress after using it for a while in the article below. Let's find out!

Packing is an extremely important step before shipping to maximize the protection of your memory foam mattress from scratches, bumps or stains on travel path.

4 ways to pack foam mattresses safely

Use a plastic mattress bag

You can fully utilize the available plastic mattress bag when buy mattress memory foam from Ru9 without having to buy a new bag. This bag is made exclusively, so it has size perfect fit for your foam mattress.

Some mattresses come pre-wrapped in plastic bags when they first arrive

Some mattresses come pre-wrapped in plastic bags when they first arrive

In case you lost or accidentally threw away your bag, you need to buy a new one. a thick plastic bag with a zipper closure is better.

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Use of ligaments

The safe way to transport a foam mattress is after wrapping the mattress with a plastic bag, you can use extra straps to wrap around the mattress to help create points Easy to hold and firmly fix the mattress.

Inexpensive, easy-to-purchase ligatures that help secure the mattress in a car/truck. If you are transporting your mattress alone and are not very good at knotting or tying ropes, lashing straps are the perfect choice.

Use duct tape

In the absence of ligatures, large tape is the best alternative. If you're using a mattress bag that's too big, stacked with multiple bags, or a bag that doesn't have a zipper, duct tape will help secure and "lock" the mattress securely inside the bag.

Fold the edges and tape securely in the opening at the top of the bag and wrap enough around the body and bottom of the mattress. A small note is that you should buy good quality tape, but do not choose the best adhesive. Otherwise, it will take a lot of work to remove all the tape after transporting the mattress.

Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum

After wrapping the plastic bag and applying the tape, leave a small opening and insert the vacuum cleaner head to gently vacuum (can be used) compact handheld device). Then, you seal the gap with duct tape to easily move the mattress neatly.

How to transport foam mattress safely and without much effort

Remove all sheets and toppers from the mattress before shipping

Remove all sheets and sheets (Topper) from mattress before shipping

    • Step 1: Remove all bed sheets and pads (if any). If you're moving house, move all your belongings first so there's plenty of room to move the mattress last.
    • Step 2: Put the mattress in a plastic wrap. Wrap it up and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air inside (if your house has one).
    • Step 3: Move the mattress out of the house and load it in the car. Even if you have a bag, be sure to be gentle and do not put things with sharp corners around to avoid damage to the mattress inside.

    Some other notes when transporting foam mattresses

    No matter what means of transport, always be gentle to protect the mattress
    No matter what means of transport, always be gentle to protect the mattress< /em>

    Transport by own vehicle

    Place the mattress horizontally on top of the car and tie the straps firmly around the mattress both horizontally and vertically. You should drive at a moderate speed because strong winds can adversely affect the mattress.

    If your car's rear seat can be folded down and the mattress fits snugly when inserted, you can transport the mattress inside the vehicle. Try to lay the mattress as flat as possible on the floor of the vehicle and secure it firmly so that it does not damage or bump.

    Transportation by truck

    When transporting your foam mattress by truck, remember to always place the mattress on a level surface and secure it with the straps. If the wire is too short, you can connect the 2 wires to increase the length.

    Hire a company or transport service

    If packing and shipping alone is too much or you have a lot of money, it is highly recommended to hire a shipping service. The company's staff will stop by with full professional tools and help you move the mattress quickly and safely.

    You can also refer to the helpful video below on how to transport the Foam Ru9 mattress!

    Hopefully with this article you have had comprehensive and useful information on how to transport foam mattresses safely and simply. A mattress is a long-term and worthwhile investment in life, so try to follow all the steps of packing and shipping gently to keep the quality of the mattress when it arrives!