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What Should I Do If I Have a Hot Back While Sleeping?

What Should I Do If I Have a Hot Back While Sleeping?

Those who have hot backs while sleeping, if they don't use air conditioners, a good night's sleep seems to be better. as more difficult, especially in the summer when temperatures soar. The feeling of hot back while sleeping can be related to the following reasons.

Internal Impact lead to hot back when sleeping

Follow Healthline, these are the main causes from inside the body leading to hot back while sleeping

  • Medications: Some medications can raise your body temperature or disrupt your ability to regulate temperature. body, eg anticholinergics or antibiotics like penicillins and cephalosporins, etc.
  • Hormones: Imbalance in hormone levels can lead to night sweats or "hot flashes".
  • Pathology: Many underlying diseases can lead to increased body temperature or cause night sweats. Infectious diseases that can increase body temperature include: flu, pharyngitis, pneumonia, etc.

the girl covered her head with a pillow, covering her arms
There are many reasons why we feel hot when we sleep

External influences such as nmattresses and sheets

Choosing to buy a mattress or sleep care products to be able to use comfortably throughout 4 seasons makes many people have a headache thinking about it. selective. Because there are very few mattresses or mats on the market that can ensure both comfort and coolness when lying down.

Having a hot back at night easily makes us not sleep well, affecting work performance and study the next day. Especially for a country with a harsh tropical climate like Vietnam, human body temperature also increases in the coming summer, leading to a worse situation for those who are prone to hot back when sleeping.

Solutions to not have a hot back while sleeping

Set the room temperature lower

A bedroom with a high temperature will cause a bad back sweat for someone with a hot body. Meanwhile, a cool room temperature will create a comfortable and pleasant feeling for people to sleep better.

Wear breathable pajamas

You should avoid heavy, tight clothing because they can make it difficult to breathe and sweat. A pajamas with cotton, silk, ... soft and spacious will help your sleep more smoothly.

Limit caffeine, alcohol, and hot foods

Many people have insomnia when drinking beverages such as coffee or strong tea too close to bedtime. Eating hot food before going to bed also makes the stomach work harder and the hot stomach makes it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, avoid loading these products if you have problems with sleep.

Drink cold water

A glass of cool water will keep your body temperature lower and relax your mind for easier sleep. You should drink water about 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime and only drink from 200 ml - 300 ml to make your stomach comfortable.

Keep a healthy weight

Overweight people are more likely to have hot back while sleeping than the general population. If you are in this group, pay attention to adjust your balanced diet and exercise regularly to improve health problems.


Meditation is one of the many ways to "clean up" the mind before going to bed. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day to focus on breathing and listen to some meditation music can significantly solve sleep problems, especially for people with hot backs.

Choose a breathable mattress

Hot weather or summer heats up everything. Typically the human body and also the place where we lie. Mattresses made of solid-structured materials, closed are often easy to secrete. It causes the back in contact with the mattress to be secreted as well. Many people also have back sweat when lying on such mattresses.

Many people because of fear of hot stew decide not to sleep on mattresses. This is not good for our spine. Instead, choose the full-featured mattress: both support the spine, and ventilation suitable for different types of weather.

bed, mattress, pillow, blanket in a fresh space filled with green plants

Need to choose the right mattress for summer weather

You should choose a mattress made with a typical breathable material like foam mattress. Foam material not only has optimal support but also has the ability to breathe and regulate body temperature. Thus, it will help to partially dissipate heat for your body.

Need to choose a cool cotton bed sheet

There are many types of mattresses that achieve ventilation but the bed sheets are not suitable. It can be thick fabrics and not very absorbent. This also creates a secret when we lie down to sleep. It's best to consider bed sheets when choosing a summer mattress. It is recommended to choose a comfortable cotton sheet to avoid discomfort caused by hot weather.

For a long time, Ru9's familiar mattress and pillow products are made of memory foam material. internationally certified has created a lot of love and good reviews from users.

Air-conditioning helps you sleep cool

In addition to a selection of breathable mattresses and airy sheets, IceGuard™ cooling pads, an improved version of air-conditioned projector, is also an optimal solution for hot summer, especially suitable for those who are face hot back when sleeping.

IceFiber™ cold fiber technology

IceFiber™ is the most modern artificial cold fabric technology available today. In particular, each fabric can absorb the cool temperature in the air, retain it on the fabric surface, helping to neutralize the contact temperature between the body and the lying surface, making your sleep comfortable. Learn more about IceFiber™ cold fiber technology .

IceGuard™ cooling pads

IceGuard™ cooling pad, is Ru9's next step to perfect the sleep experience for Vietnamese people with the following characteristics:

  • Stay cool all year round: IceGuard™ cooling pad with a mechanism to absorb cool room temperature to cool down heat released on contact with the mattress to help you maintain your ideal sleeping temperature.

  • No need to trade in comfort: With the function of an air-conditioned mat, the product solves the limitations of bamboo mats. so you can sleep comfortably without sacrificing comfort, without fear of pain and red lines when you wake up.

the girl folds the air conditioner on the bed

Smooth surface, limiting the defects of traditional cooling products

  • Waterproof: IceGuard™ cooling pad is used to spread directly on contact surface with 100% waterproof feature, keep your mattress and sleeping space clean.

  • Safety: Ru9's IceGuard™ fabric is certified safe for users' health, meeting the criteria of STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX with international standards.

nemesis is stacked and overlapped by a carton

Fabric material IceGuard™ has been certified safe for health

In a nutshell

Hope this article has helped you find the right solution to deal with hot back when sleeping, especially in the hot summer. Don't hesitate message Ru9 or contact Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company advice on buying and experiencing support products Have a cool and comfortable sleep!

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