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Revealing how to buy Ru9's product on installments quickly and conveniently

The program to buy Ru9 in installments with preferential interest rates is quite satisfied by many customers. To help you make this form of payment quickly, Ru9 will reveal it to you right below. Let's get started!
Revealing how to buy Ru9's product on installments quickly and conveniently
You want to buy a good mattress Ru9 to serve for your sleep and life but do not have the financial conditions to buy the product. this valuable product. Buying Ru9 in installments will be a safe solution to help you own the product of your choice. Let's find out with Ru9 how buy mattress Ru9 with this quick and convenient installment payment through the article below!

Synthesis of quick ways to buy Ru9 mattress

Ru9 is the first company specializing in sleep in Vietnam. Ru9 specializes in providing sleep protection products such as foam mattress and Niu pillows. Ru9 foam mattress is made from 100% high performance foam. This is a high-quality material commonly used in the world. It is because of these advantages that Ru9 mattress is interested and wanted by many people. In addition, Ru9 also supports purchases with many attractive policies such as: 100 nights of free trial sleep, 10 years of warranty, free delivery and purchase of Ru9 on installments with 0% interest
Buy Ru9 in installments with 0% interest

Synthesis of quick ways to buy Ru9 mattress

Purchase via official website:

You have many ways to purchase such as you can go to Ru9 showroom to choose goods directly or You can order online via website: - this is the official Ru9 website. Then, choose the mattress product with the appropriate size and order and pay. The mattress will be delivered to the address you registered.

Besides, Ru9 has a form of buying Ru9 in installments to help you "lighten" with this online payment method. You just need to visit Ru9's website, select the mattress you want to buy and apply the installment method at the payment step with different installment time frames. If you need advice, just contact Ru9 staff via hotline 1900636321.

Purchase on e-commerce sites:

In addition, you can also easily find Ru9 mattress products on sites that are Ru9's affiliate partners like Lazada, Shopee or Tiki. Ordering on these online shopping sites is also quite easy. You just need to choose the mattress product according to the appropriate size and place an order. Next, you will be able to choose different payment methods such as payment after receiving the goods, payment via bank card or via e-wallet. Through large e-commerce websites, you just need to sit at home to buy a satisfactory mattress product quickly and conveniently.

Place order and pay at home:
After order products, you can receive products and pay at home. Especially in Ho Chi Minh City, Ru9's delivery staff can assist you to swipe your card and make installment payments with 0% interest when using a credit card.

Benefits of buying Ru9 mattress in installments

Buying in installments is currently a popular and fast form of payment, chosen by many people. When you buy Ru9 in installments, you will also enjoy preferential policies as well as many benefits that this form of payment brings such as:

  • Buy a mattress in installments with simple and fast procedures with online operations.< /span>
Buying a good mattress with 0% interest installment payment is too attractive< /i>
  • Currently Ru9 is supporting installment payments via credit cards from more than 20 banks.< /li>
  • Ru9 has installment service with 0% interest when you order on Ru's official website. Not only that, you can choose a payment method from 3, 6, 9, 12 months depending on your financial plan.

Policies and incentives when buying Ru9 mattresses

When you buy Ru9 on installments, you can fully enjoy the purchase policies from Ru9 such as:
  • You can try a 100-day sleep trial at home and get a refund if you're not satisfied with the product.
100 night trial program for customers buying Ru9 mattress
  • Ru9 mattress products are warranted for up to 10 years and you will receive maximum support during use
  • You don't have to worry about coming to your place to deliver the mattress, Ru9 will ship it for free Fees delivered to your door.
  • Special promotions of the year.
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<3 Buying in installments will help you balance your financial plans but still be able to own a good mattress product. Ru9 always gives customers the opportunity to experience Vietnamese mattress products of international standards. Definitely, Ru9 mattress is a product you should buy because of its outstanding features.