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Effect of white noise on sleep quality

Effect of white noise on sleep quality

Today, there are factors that affect sleep quality, from when we are children to adulthood. Therefore, people use white noise as a solution to improve sleep quality.

So what is white noise? How to use white noise to get a good night's sleep? Let's find out with Ru9 through the article below!

1. What is white noise?

What is white noise?

White noise or white noise is a combination of different frequencies, but the same intensity. White here refers to a mixture like white light that is formed when bands of light of different colors are mixed together.

Today, it is applied in lulling children to sleep, creating scientific sleep habits for children. Some are used to handle noise, prevent noise pollution.

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White noise is a type of sound applied to improve sleep quality

White noise is a type of sound used to improve sleep

Distinguish white noise from other types of noise

The sounds around us are colorful, they also have colors, distinguished by the measured energy of the audio signal, specifically by frequency number or intensity. In addition to white noise, there are also common types of sounds such as pink noise, brown noise, and black noise.

Pink noise

Pink noise, consisting of sounds of different frequencies, but at different pitches and lows. This noise is often found in nature in the form of leaves shaking, rain, gentle wind, heartbeat,... Pink noise is commonly used to lull people to sleep, especially for elderly people. .

Brown Noise

Brown noise (red noise) consists of sounds with high energy levels but low frequencies. Sounds like the bass versus white noise and pink noise. You can find brown noise in the form of waterfalls, thunder, etc. Brown noise is often used to increase human concentration.

Black noise

Black noise is also known as mute noise, because under the most perfect conditions, it is almost silent and cannot be heard by humans. It has a frequency that exceeds the threshold of human hearing, which can cancel the energy of other sound frequencies. The exact frequency of black noise has not been studied yet. Most think that it is a subsonic nodule, appearing when a volcano erupts or when there is a tsunami. Black noise, if studied, could be used to preserve silence during religious ceremonies, or any other environment requiring silence.

2. Benefits and drawbacks of white noise

Benefits of white noise

White noise is widely used in life because of the benefits that this noise brings to your sleep and health

Helping children sleep faster and better

This problem has been studied by many experts with different experiments. They concluded that white noise helps children fall asleep faster (within 5 minutes). This is very useful in case they often wake up crying, or create a bedtime routine for the child.

Covering other noises, limiting sound pollution

White noise sounds like a thousand sounds coming out at once. So if any other kind of sound suddenly appears (door slamming, honking, etc.), it can blend the disturbances, making the surroundings more pleasant.

Create relaxing sounds, treat diseases

Some specific diseases will be recommended such as depression, tinnitus, sleep disorders,...

White noise helps to form a regular bedtime routine for children

White noise helps form a regular bedtime routine for children

The downside of using white noise

Besides, using white noise also has some drawbacks if you use it incorrectly as follows:

Some poor quality white noise devices have the opposite effect

White noise devices are widely available in the market. And if there's an error (it's easy to do because frequency and magnitude are a very sensitive unit), it's also hard for consumers to detect. In the long run, it will cause unwanted effects.

Easy to make users dependent

Many reports show that children who use white noise for a while will become "addicted". If white noise is not present or there is a sudden change in the environment, children will not be able to adapt and experience insomnia.

Not everyone is suitable for using white noise

White noise is said to be most appropriate for children. However, many experts recommend that some children with language disorders, brain and ear diseases should consult a doctor before using it.

3. How to use white noise properly

Makes reasonable white noise

There's no denying that white noise can help improve the quality of your sleep better, but know how to apply and use it If you do this properly, you can limit unwanted side effects. Here are some ways to help you create white noise the right way:

  • Buy a quality white noise device: Consumers need to do a thorough research on brands .
  • White noise source placement distance: Recommended at least 2m, sound adjustable small.
  • Reasonable use time: White noise should not be used during sleep, yes You can use the timer function within 20 - 30 minutes or actively turn it off when you feel your baby has fallen asleep.
  • Decrease usage time: To avoid child dependency, parents should only use for the baby within the first 6 months to learn the habit of sleeping on time. Then gradually reduce the duration and frequency of use and let children get used to different types of noise from the environment.

Combined with other factors to create an environment for good sleep

Besides, a good quality sleep does not only come from one factor but is influenced and affected by many different factors. Don't forget to combine this white noise with other elements to help you sleep better and deeper.

Invest Space for Better Sleep Quality

Invest in Space for a deeper and better quality of sleep

Design of sleeping space

Invest in sound, lighting, bedding systems cushion pillow. Most people will find it more comfortable to use soft night lights, bedroom colors according to their preferences will make people comfortable, or use cushions with good support that hug the whole body for good posture. lie comfortably like all kinds mattress made of material memory foam,...

Create healthy sleep habits

White noise is just one of the supporting tools, the premise for good sleep comes from healthy living habits. Adhere to the rest schedule, do not stay up late, limit the use of electronic devices at night. In addition, it is necessary to combine a regular diet and exercise regimen for superior sleep quality.

White noise is generally an interesting type of sound. If you know how to use it rationally and scientifically, it will be an "effective tool" to bring quality sleep. Hopefully, through this article, you can discover useful information related to sleep to bring better habits and health to family members.