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Should Use Topper Mattress Instead of Traditional Mattress?

Should Use Topper Mattress Instead of Traditional Mattress?

Currently, consumers not only demand the quality of sleeping mattress products, but also care about the level of convenience when using. That's why there are many different mattress products manufactured to meet the needs of use, including floor mattress. However, should this mattress be used instead of a traditional mattress? Let's find the answer in this article.

What is a floor mattress?

This is a mattress that is used for floor covering and has a different structural design compared to traditional mattresses, which is a thinner mattress thickness to roll up Okay. For the line floor mattress the texture must be soft mattress is scrollable. Currently, you can find a lot of products of this mattress line different in materials and designs such as: Korean-style floor mattress National, Japanese-style floor mattresses, etc. Depending on the characteristics of each material, the mattress also possesses different advantages.

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Roll mattress with floor covering suitable for rooms with limited space cost

Trend to use floor mattress instead of traditional mattress

In recent years, this type of mattress has gradually become a shopping trend in recent years. Compared to bulky traditional mattresses, roll mattresses bring quite a lot of benefits to users.

Benefits of a floor mattress

Easy to transport for homes with small doors

Lines roll mattress good for scrolling or folding Therefore, transporting or moving products is extremely easy and convenient.

Save your space

For bedrooms with a large area, you can choose the size of a double mattress or a single mattress. However, in small rooms, the use of the bed may occupy a very large area, inconvenient for moving in the room as well as arranging other items. Therefore, this product has a compact size like a 1m2 mattress,... can be folded to help you expand the space for a small bedroom.

Japanese-style floor mattress thin floor cushion floor mattress lying wooden floor baby floor mattress
Floor mats have advantages that are worth experiencing

Safe for kids

Families with young children will certainly understand the anxiety caused by the habit of turning over while sleeping. In this case, using a mattress placed on a high bed is sometimes a hazard. Therefore, the type of mattress that is in direct contact with the ground is the best choice to ensure the safety of your baby.


If you want to own a quality mattress to take care of yourself and your family's sleep but have not enough money to invest in a bed, type This mattress will definitely be a perfect choice for you. You can easily own this mattress with a lot more savings than a traditional mattress.


Although the product has advantages, there are still many minus points that you need to consider when choosing.

Loss of space

When designing a bedroom, the bed is an extremely important element, becoming an aesthetic highlight for the whole room. While this type of mattress usually has a rather thin mattress thickness or can be said to be "flat", thick mattresses help to increase the aesthetic point of the home space. Therefore, choosing to use this product also means that your resting space will not be appreciated for aesthetics.

Low elasticity

Because of the limited thickness, the mattress used to cover the floor cannot support as well as 25cm or 15cm thick mattresses. Traditional mattresses will help optimally support the back spine and reduce body pain. Therefore, a roll-up mattress should only be used as a temporary solution because it will not support the full curve of the body.

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Despite its convenience, this mattress type still has disadvantages that make consumers "falter"< /i>

Should I use a floor mattress instead of a traditional mattress?

In terms of convenience, this mattress will be your product Should choose to buy to bring to use for naps at the company or office. Not only is it easy to transport and organize, but it can also be rolled up, giving you the flexibility to take care of yourself and your sleep right at work.

However, considering the good support factor for long sleep, this product is not recommended. The habit of sleeping so close to the ground will bring many disadvantages to the body. Especially in cold weather, very low floor temperature can affect your health. Therefore, consider choosing sleep care products made from foam materials such as memory foam pillow or foam mattress< /a> has a large thickness from 15 cm to 25 cm for optimal support and best protection of the back spine.

Hopefully with the above article, you have helped you understand the advantages and disadvantages of this floor mattress. If you are still hesitant to choose which mattress to buy, you can refer to the lines mattress of Ru9, including Foam Topper roll mattress, Designed with a texture suitable for both floor covering and full body support. Come to Ru9 mattress store or contact Ru9 via website, Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company to experience 100 nights of free trial sleep!

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