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Letter from Ru9 - Why we bring the first foam pillow in Vietnam

Letter from Ru9 - Why we bring the first foam pillow in Vietnam

Did you know that “hugging pillow” is a special need of Vietnamese people?

The truth is that up to 55% of survey respondents answered that they have a habit of sleeping on their side. Sleeping on your left side has a very positive impact on your health, especially heart health. However, when there is a lack of necessary support, lying on your arms and shoulders all night will cause aches and pains when you wake up, and very bad effects on the spine and musculoskeletal system in the long run.

Lack of support from the pillow will make your shoulder hurt after waking up
Lack of support, lying on your side will cause ear and shoulder pain
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In fact, pillows need to be optimally designed to help you enjoy a good night's sleep!

As a sleep company, research and product research helps Ru9 realize the core problem of a product hugging pillow is the best material and design.

Foam pillow developed by Ru9
With a unique design that gives you a comfortable sleep

Traditional plain cotton material will make the pillow too soft, easily deformed and not durable. That's why your whole body will fall to one side in the night. Therefore, with experience in foam technology, for the first time in Vietnam market, Ru9 introduces Hugging Pillow with a combination of foam and cotton, to bring maximum performance and comfort.< /span>

Specially breathable and comfortable foam
Breathable and comfortable foam material

Foam ensures the support and elasticity needed to keep your shoulders from falling forward when you lie on your side, avoiding hand - shoulder fatigue and affecting the spine. Besides, the cotton interwoven between the foam particles will create softness and comfort, giving you the feeling of the most complete hug. The foam particles will also move flexibly in the pillow, alternating between layers of soft cotton to be compatible with your body shape and hug.

In addition, the design of Ru9 Hugging Pillow is very unique with a slight curve in the abdomen, because we also always remember the feeling of "warm stomach" All are familiar since the baby was sleeping in their parents' arms.The belly of the Ru9 Hug pillow will be compatible with the abdomen when you sleep, transmitting a signal of warmth and safety to your brain for a good night's sleep. Moreover, with a size of 115cm that is quite close to the height of a real person, the Ru9 Hug pillow allows you to rest your feet comfortably when lying down.At the same time, the Ru9 Hug pillow has a moderate weight, enough to create a jet when you hug, give you the feeling of "hug to be hugged" completely.

Like other products, the Ru9 Hug pillow is pressed and rolled up in the box during shipping, making your shopping experience easy and convenient More convenient.

Compact pillowcase packaging
Compact packaging for easy transport

Your good night's sleep is the reason Ru9 started its journey, and your experience is what Ru9 always treasures to constantly improve and renew yourself. So, please be one of the first to try Ru9's "hug to be hugged" feeling, to understand the feeling of finding an ideal Hug pillow, making your sleep better. ever.

Sleep well!

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