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Hard mattress, soft mattress - Which one should you choose for each sleeping position?

Hard mattress, soft mattress - Which one should you choose for each sleeping position?

When choosing a mattress for themselves and their family, many people will try to see if the mattress is firm or soft by touching or lying down. In fact, the "firmness/softness" of the mattress inherently lies in the different feelings of each person. The right mattress is one that provides comfort, a smooth feeling when you lie down and can support your spine in the most complete way. Therefore, testing the mattress for a certain time to feel the firmness / softness is very important when choosing a mattress. This article will help you determine how firm/soft a mattress needs to be to suit your sleeping position!

Common misunderstanding about mattress softness or firmness

The nature of a soft or hard mattress is often due to the user's feelings. This is how people describe the comfort of lying or sitting on the mattress surface.

Many people touch the surface of the mattress and determine whether the mattress is soft or hard according to their feelings. own.

In the field of sleep, exact firmness/softness is not the deciding factor for choosing the right mattress. The factor elastic and supportive is really the most important thing.

Elasticity helps the mattress respond to body contact. From there, the mattress can support the body in the best natural position without causing pain or back pressure on important positions such as shoulders, nape, back and hips.

To choose hard or soft mattress suitable for your health condition and sleeping position, instead of comparing firmness/softness, you need use a more accurate measure, which is mattress elasticity information.

Based on sleeping position to consider the elasticity of the mattress

  • Sleeper or prone: should choose a mattress with high elasticity, feeling soft, because this sleeping position places a lot of emphasis on hips and shoulders. A suggestion for you is a memory foam mattress, the mattress surface hugs according to the body curve and does not create back pressure, even a little.

  • People who move and change sleeping positions: should choose a mattress with medium elasticity, do not create too much lots of vibrations when moving. You might consider a mattress with a PU foam layer that insulates movement, keeping the mattress stable even when the person next to you moves.

  • People lying on their backs, lying flat: choose a mattress with a stable, moderately hard surface; then the weight of the body is evenly distributed, no part of the body is under much pressure.

People lying on their side should choose a mattress with good elasticity, which helps support the body part under pressure.

However, you also need to consider individual medical conditions when choosing a mattress firmness/softness: people who don't have back pain and prefer to sleep on their back may prefer a firmer mattress. People with back problems may prefer feeling softer - soft surface...

In summary: What to pay attention to when choosing soft mattress/ hard mattress 

There are many factors to consider before you can buy one perfect mattress just for me. In addition to your sleeping position and spine problems, you 
consider your weight, bedmate and personal preferences,... 

So it is very important to lie down on a mattress for a certain period of time to feel if the firmness/softness of the mattress is right for you.

In order to buy satisfying products, please refer to companies that have a policy for sleeping on mattresses such as Ru9 for peace of mind to choose.

Ru9 mattress products have high performance foam material, hug Full body contour, no pressure, and minimal movement on the mattress when the person next to you turns.

       The Ru9 mattress is made of memory foam suitable for all sleeping positions.

Advantages of Ru9  mattress products

Ru9 has two types mattress is researched and produced exclusively as Ru9 Original and Nest by Ru9. These are next-generation mattresses that offer excellent support and breathability.

Made entirely from high performance foam material, with 2-3 layers of foam thick, each layer has a different use to create a high level of quality. Good elasticity, perfect support for the body according to its natural curves, helping you enjoy a good night's sleep.

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