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How does an afternoon nap increase productivity at the office?

For the office world, napping is the ideal time for the body to rest and restore energy. An afternoon nap will help clear the stress and lethargy of the morning fast, productive work higher in the afternoon.
How does an afternoon nap increase productivity at the office?

For office workers, napping is the ideal time for the body to rest and restore energy. An afternoon nap will help clear the stress and lethargy of the morning fast, productive work higher in the afternoon.

With the characteristics of desk work 8 hours a day in an air-conditioned environment, sedentary lifestyle and frequent exposure to computers are potential risks for the health of office workers. And is the cause of common "office diseases": cervical spondylosis, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, vision loss, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, .. However, the condition will is improved if you maintain the habit of taking a nap every day because a nap brings many positive health effects

1. Do office workers know all the benefits of a nap?

For office workers, afternoon naps are often distracting because the rest time is not long enough, busy eating lunch and chatting with each other. with the habit of using social networks in free time. But do not be too distracted because napping plays an important role in the recovery of the body and brain. According to the National Sleep Foundation of America, the best nap time should only last 20 minutes and sleep over this time will bring the most refreshing feeling when you wake up, helping the body to recover best.

A nap improves memory, increases brain alertness, helps the brain return to excitement and receives and processes best information. According to a study at NASA of drowsy military pilots and astronauts, a short nap improved work performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. Not only that, naps also help the eyes rest after a long time looking at the computer screen, helping to balance corneal moisture to slow down the process of vision decline.

In addition, napping also helps balance levels of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, quickly relieves stress, and brings a sense of joy and happiness. , enhance creativity more. Sedentary people like office workers have to nap more often because napping helps increase stamina and motor skills, and enhances sex life. At the same time, according to a study done in Greece, people who took a 30-minute nap at least 3 times a week reduced their risk of heart-related death by 37%. In addition, napping also helps improve the production of hormones that make you want to eat and balance the hormone leptin - the hormone that indicates the body is full, so it is very supportive for ladies in the weight loss phase.

It can be seen that naps bring many positive benefits in improving health, increasing efficiency at work and improving body resistance. Therefore, the office world needs to build a habit of napping and take advantage of naps effectively when napping in the right posture with an appropriate sleeping mattress.

2. Should or should not invest in a nap mattress in the office?

An office nap should be maintained to form a good habit for a healthy body.An effective nap is a sleep of moderate duration. enough in a quiet space, with appropriate lighting and room temperature. And it is even more effective when lying on a supportive sleeping mattress because there is no bed in the office like at home. A sleeping pad is really essential for an effective nap because it keeps the vertebrae fully supported. However, the investment in a nap mattress depends quite a lot on the context and workspace.

<3 and enjoy sleeping in the most comfortable position. There are many types of office sleeping pads with effective utilities for a perfect afternoon nap. Among the sleeping mattress lines on the market today, the product Matress Nest Ru9 is rated Price is the optimal sleeping mattress for office people.

Nest Ru9 mattress responds well to its ability to spread on the floor thanks to its 2-layer structure of bearing foam, creating high elasticity, perfect body support, Avoid direct contact with the floor to cause cold. Modern foam material along with a breathable tencel shell ensures a good night's sleep even for a short time. Moreover, the Nest Ru9 mattress promotes neatness, flexibility in design, diverse sizes, extremely easy to move and suitable in office space.

However, if the office is too small, having to take a lunch break at the desk, the mattress becomes cumbersome. Instead, choose a new neck support pillow is the perfect choice for a high-performance afternoon nap. The choice of pillow for naps at the office must ensure the ability to support the neck and shoulders. And pillow Niu was created by Ru9 to bring the most complete nap when leaning on the chair office chair.

Niu pillow has just used modern memory foam material with the ideal height for maximum neck support in all sleeping positions. At the same time, it uses Ru9's exclusive Graphene Foam technology with outstanding heat dissipation, maximum antibacterial and dust resistance. Besides, the Tencel fabric pillow cover effectively absorbs moisture and maximizes breathability, providing a more complete sleep than other common pillows.

Although a nap is only 10-20 minutes a day, it helps the body relax and restore to its best state. Therefore, napping with the office world is important and necessary. And more importantly, invest in a suitable mattress to make the most of your lunch break!


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