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What makes memory foam so popular in the mattress industry?

Memory foam material is widely used in mattress technology. This material, which incorporates a cold gel, helps you to disperse the pressure on your body and regulate your temperature. Let's find out what memory foam material is with Ru9 in the following article.

What makes memory foam so popular in the mattress industry?
Memory foam is a very popular material in manufactures mattresses and sleeping pillows in European and American countries. However, do you really understand what memory foam is? What advantages does this material have to improve sleep for you and your family? Let's answer the question of what memory foam is with Ru9 in the article below.

1. What is memory foam material?

Memory foam is a flexible foam with good elasticity, good elasticity and also known as active foam. This is a highly groundbreaking invention of NASA. Initially, memory foam was used mainly in the inner lining of astronauts. Because when astronauts go out into space, they will be subjected to great pressure, but memory foam with the ability to disperse force and good elasticity, they will protect their bodies, bones and joints.
Later, this material is more widely applied in products of daily life, but especially in production technology. pillow and mattress.
What is memory foam material? Modern materials are being used in the production of pillows and mattresses

2. Reasons to buy a mattress with memory foam material

Horizontal force dispersion

With the special structure of memory foam material, you can easily feel the support of the mattress against your body. The structure of millions of small foam particles in memory foam helps them distribute the pressure of the person lying horizontally. Thus, the mattress will not reflect a force back, making you really relax and relax the entire muscle, bone and joint system. This is also the reason why memory foam is recommended for people with bone and joint problems.
What are the advantages of memory foam? Materials that improve sleep

Smooth and soft

From the moment you lightly press the surface, you can clearly feel the softness that memory foam brings. From there you will be more comfortable throughout your sleep.

3. Ru9 Foam Mattress has 3 layers of foam structure with superior features

Memory foam material is widely used in many fields such as medical, footwear and sleep care all over the world. In Vietnam, Ru9 Foam mattress is one of the first brands to apply this material in the production of pillows and mattresses. Especially, to better suit the weather conditions as well as the usage habits of Vietnamese people, Ru9 mattress uses memory foam on the 2nd floor. This foam floor both supports force dispersion and is integrated with gel. cold to regulate the temperature of the whole mattress, helping you sleep more cool in many different conditions.
On the top floor in contact with the body, the Ru9 mattress uses an exclusive contour foam with outstanding elasticity. This foam can hug the curves of the body to provide different support for different points. Like when you lie on your back, your buttocks and hips will be sunken, helping your waist relax. This foam will quickly elastic and return to its original state when you do not apply force on it anymore.
The third layer of foam at the bottom of the Ru9 mattress is a durable PU Foam that helps the mattress stay in place, and at the same time prevents the transmission of movement. From there you always get a restful sleep.
In addition, Ru9 foam mattress has many other outstanding features such as:
  • Breathable and easily removable outer shell for quick cleaning.
  • oam Ru9 is CertiPUR-US certified for user safety.
  • Foam mattress products are packed in neat boxes, convenient for quick and easy transportation.
Special offer when buy mattress What is memory foam material?

A day has 24 hours and half of the time we sleep. Therefore, you need to take care of your body during that time to the fullest so that the next day you are always healthy and refreshed. Coming to Ru9 mattress, you will be taken care of every moment in the best sleep. Do not hesitate to come to Ru9 mattress for advice and support?