After a long day at the office, sleeping is time to relax your mind and restore energy most effectively, which is why you need to sleep well every night. But many factors make insomnia come to you. Note the secrets of Ru9, to improve the quality of your sleep!

1 – Sleep and wake up on time every day.

Experts recommend you to set a sleep schedule and always following it. A fixed schedule every night not only helps you go to sleep easily, but it can also improve the quality of sleep, maintain a biological clock. This is also one of the biggest factors that determine sleep quality in particular and health in general.

2 – Exercise regularly.

It’s no wonder that doing exercise regularly is good for your sleep. However, exercise too close to bedtime can increase your internal temperature, making sleep more difficult. To ensure maximum sleep quality, try to end your sports activities at least 4 hours before bedtime.


3 – Avoid caffeine.

Try to staring a curfew limit for caffeine at 2 pm if you have trouble sleeping after drinking coffee. Replacing coffee with a glass of water or tea in the morning can help you maintain energy for longer.


4 – Stop smoking.

Smoking negatively affects your sleep for a variety of reasons, but mainly because nicotine is a potent stimulant that may keep you wide awake into the wee hours.


5 – Eliminate technology distractions.

Not only the eyes but also our skin can feel bright. If you keep the light on while you sleep, your body will sense light and stop producing melatonin, which hormone that makes you sleepy. Make sure the room is dark enough throughout sleep!

The blue light from electronic devices is no exception. Put them all in another room to make sure your brain is aware that the bedroom is only for sleep.


6 – Choose the right pillow

Head and neck are the most important parts of your body. So it always needs perfect support and comfort all night.

If you’re still sleeping on a pillow bought two years ago, maybe it’s time to upgrade it. A suitable pillow is a pillow that can support well according to the curve of the head and neck, effectively dissipating heat to help you ventilate throughout the night. Niu Memory Foam pillow is a perfect choice for you.


7 – Sleep on a comfortable mattress

This is the time when you should consider leaving the old and buying a new one. Sleeping on a comfortable foam mattress can be all that is needed to help you sleep better.


High-performance foam mattresses like the Ru9 foam mattress are always a great choice with the perfect combination of foam layers. Contour Foam fully supports the body curve; Cool Gel Memory Foam spreads evenly and smoothly throughout the night; and the bottom is a strong Base Foam layer, which effectively separates the movement.

Taking care of your sleep is also taking care of yourself, and remember you can always find your best sleep at Ru9!


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