Ru9 mattress is manufactured using Ru9 contour foam – an exclusive memory foam that has been created to suit everyone regardless of shape or weight, helping to create support and minimize discomfort. Utilizing a special design of 3 different foam layers, Ru9 mattress optimizes each person’s sleep to the most granular detail. So what’s so special about the Ru9 mattress foam layer that can optimize sleep and help the sleeper feel as though they are sleeping on a cloud?

What is the top level of Ru9 mattress?

Unlike all other mattresses, Ru9 Mattress is a multi-layer foam mattress with 25cm of active foam. The top layer of the Ru9 mattress is made up of 5cm thick Contour foam: This is an exclusive high-performance foam layer that is only available in Ru9 mattresses. The Contourfoam is specially designed with an open-cell structure that ensures smoothness and encourages ventilation. So not only does it create comfort for the user, but it also has the ability to support the soft spots of the body in order to increase the quality of sleep and smoothness for the lay without any other material is available. Not only that, this high-performance foam always retains maximum elasticity and does not sink down like a normal mattress even after prolonged usage.


How does the second layer of Ru9 memory foam optimize your sleep?

With a multi-layered foam design of Ru9 mattress, the second layer of the Ru9 mattress is designed from a special material: a gel memory foam that is 5cm thick. Gel memory foam is a material created by NASA to be used to reduce pressure when going out into space. This is a special foam material that is very popular in European and American countries because of its ability to distribute pressure across the mattress surface.

It means that when you lay on the mattress, instead of the mattress pushing up against your body, the memory foam will ‘give-in’, such that the body weight will be evenly distributed across the mattress surface. That makes it comfortable for the user when sleeping. In addition, memory foam has the ability to remember the shape of your body. The cold gel particles help regulate the temperature so that you always sleep in optimal temperatures.


The last layer of Ru9 mattress: Follows you a long time

The bottom layer of the Ru9 mattress is called the Base Foam. Ru9’s bottom layer is 15cm thick and made of PU foam which is of extremely high density. It is the thickness of the foam as well as the material itself that makes the Ru9 mattress stable ignoring the change in time. The Ru9 mattress is durable and still feels like new even after all these years because of the PU Base foam. Rest assured that you will never have to worry about sleepless nights because, with the Ru9 mattress, we are committed to a warranty for up to 10 years.

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