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Q: What do people have to say about Ru9?

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A: Plenty! Here’s what real customers have to say about us.

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How’s the quality of your product?

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“I bought this mattress in the hope that my bedroom will become a nicer place to come home to. And it did 🙂 I think they added a secret 4th layer, the magnet, to the mattress so that once people fall into it, they can hardly get up :)) It was indeed my best 32 days of sleep and counting.
The product was packed nicely, which is a plus as we have tiny bedroom and staircase.
Another huge plus is their customer care, which I can safely say is the best so far in town.”

Loan Tran / HCMC

“Pretty picky with my mattress but totally down for this one. Beyond 5* hotel standard. Arrived with a really nice organic packaging. Fast & friendly service. Def worth it, good value.”

Lili Pham / HCMC

“The comfort level of this mattress is great! I can easily say this to be of the same level as that of a 5-star hotel mattress but much more affordable. Really good quality, my back is thankful!”

Lory Oggia / HCMC

“I’m quite honoured to be one of the very first customers of Ru9. Ru9 gave me the support for my sleep that I never knew I needed! Needless to say, it is not as comfortable to sleep anywhere else other than at home. Well done on the R&D!”

Quang Nguyen / HCMC

“In the past, I didn’t pay much attention to the mattress. Even when I have problems sleeping, I thought it was because of the pillow, blanket, or the weather. I didn’t know that our old mattress might be the reason.

Actually, even when I ordered the Ru9 mattress, I had doubts about it, because foam mattress technology wasn’t common. However, they have the policy of the 100-night free trial, so I decided to order one.

Ru9 mattress is super comfortable that relieves pain in my back. It is soft and cool enough, making it suitable for different sleeping postures. Since I started sleeping on the Ru9 mattress, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night. In summary, I am satisfied with this mattress in terms of both design and quality. Thank you Ru9!”

Vu Le Phong / Hanoi

“I have a problem with my back so I need to put an extra pillow under my back. I tried so many types of mattresses and even tried yoga, but there wasn’t much improvement. It was only with the Ru9 Mattress, were the pains in my back totally relieved. My spine has been embraced softly and comfortably with the special foam of Ru9 mattress. The price is very affordable in comparison to other high-end mattresses. Such a great choice!
I just ordered 2 more mattresses for my parents and they are starting on the 100-night free trial!”

Ngoc Quynh Vu / Hanoi

“Beautifully packed, neat, and easy to move around. The mattress is soft and super comfortable. The price is very reasonable in comparison with other imported mattresses. Recommended!”

Angel Uyen Nguyen / HCMC

“The mattress is great and helps us sleep tight. The foam is super comfortable during the trial, so I’ve decided to buy it. The sales support is enthusiastic. It is for sure that I will recommend to Ru9 to my friends if they are looking for a perfect mattress.”

Toan Vo / HCMC

“I didn’t care much about which type of mattress I was using until I needed to change to a new one. After searching on the internet for a while, I found out about Ru9 with the new technology of using Memory Foam.
I visited the showroom for a trial and ordered right after. It is such a great and fulfilling feeling when you come back home and lay down on your bed with the super comfortable mattress.
This is the first time ever that I write such a long review because I love this mattress so much.
Rate 5 stars for Ru9!”

Quỳnh Trần / HCMC

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100-night trial

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“I finally found a mattress that really fits me… Reasonable price, very nice packaging, and services. Exceptionally good quality. Keep up the good work.”

Huong Tran / HCMC

“Very good service.
I bought one mattress few weeks ago but have not yet opened until today. When I found out I bought the wrong size, I called them this morning to ask if I could change to the correct size. Very quick action, they sent me the correct one right in the afternoon. I only had to pay for the delivery fee which I’m happy to. Hooray!!! Very very good service. keep it up!!!”

Hien Tran

This is one of the shops which have many things I appreciate including a high-quality product that deeply understand the need and requirements of customers. Customer service representatives are very supportive. They are also professional, which helps bring the customer’s experience to the highest level. The policies, such as the 100-night free trial, is good. I have a problem with my spine. Just right after a call, the customer service staff provided very careful advice and arranged to take the mattress back quickly and on time. It is the same for the refund, I don’t have to remind or call them. In summary, they are very professional. I will come back for Ru9 when they have the new products that suit me better without any concern.
Moreover, wish Ru9 team will grow alongside the sleep of Vietnamese people!”

Martin Nguyen / HCMC

“We are newly married and are looking for a good mattress as we have long working hours.
I chanced upon Ru9 when surfing on Facebook. We visited Ru9 and tried the mattress. The 2 staff are very supportive. I bought it without any concern. The mattress is packed beautifully in the box that is very convenient for transportation. It is very comfortable and soft for us.
Ru9 👍👍”

Ngan Vo / HCMC

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What do customers say about Ru9 ?

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“I bought a bedding mattress in this shop 2 weeks ago. The price is still competitive with other brands but I was really into their way of business. They have this product only (maybe?) which is good for our bodies, and they have a free return policy also. I like their confidence. At the same time, they are eager to do charity things, which made me fond of them. I wish they will release more types of products so that I can get chance to buy more from them. *They speak English so well.”

U-ya Okamoto / HCMC

“Great product and service. The more I lay down on it, the more comfortable I feel. It is soft and supportive and it never makes my back painful.
The service is beyond great, the one and only in Vietnam. They have a 100-night free trial, if you don’t want it they will refund 100%. I am very satisfied with this 😍”

Mai Pham Thanh / Hanoi

“I’m so happy that I chose you. We need businesses like you, not only the product but it is also the customer experience that won my trust.”

Nguyen Huyen Ngoc Hanh / HCMC

“This is the greatest mattress that I have had. All types of topper now are unnecessary because just Ru9 mattresses can make me feel very comfortable. Especially it can support my spin that helps me release pains in my neck and back since the first day.
Because I ordered the customed size, I didn’t have the 100-night free trial that makes me a little bit worry. However, thanks to their professionalism from website to store, I decided to support Ru9 – one of the Vietnam start-up business 🙂
Delivery is very on time which is the plus point. After unpacking the box and the cover, the mattress immediately fills out. It is super pleased right after I lay down on it. Thank you Ru9!”

Xuan Nguyen / HCMC

I used to think that all pillows are the same, and I didn’t understand why my wife insisted on buying this pillow. After one week, we actually had to buy one more pillow since we kept fighting over who got to sleep on Niu pillow.

Tuan Phan / HCMC

The “prettiest” pillow box I have ever bought. Great packaging, nice pillow, fast delivery – a very worthy product!

Tu Anh / HCMC

My neck was in pain after I woke up once in a while, but I thought it was because of my sleeping positions. Since I bought the Niu pillow, no matters how I sleep at night, I never wake up with a painful neck anymore. Such a powerful pillow!

Hoang Duy / Gia Lai Province

Honestly, even the five-star hotel pillow cannot be compared with Niu pillow 🙂

Oanh / Binh Duong Province

I never thought that a pillow would transform my life. Sometimes, I would need my husband to give me neck massages because I would wake up with a neck ache. Ever since I have gotten the Niu pillow, I no longer wake up with neck aches. And of course, my husband is really happy!

Thanh Ha / Dong Nai Province

I own the Ru9 mattress. And when the pillow came out. I went to buy it immediately. The pillow and the bed is like a match made in heaven. Took my sleep to a whole new level. Heavenly!

Phan Hai / HCMC

I am so glad I found Ru9, the only company that lets you try the pillows in the comfort of your own home. Well done!

Xuan Thanh / HCMC

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