Marketing Intern

Ru9 is looking for the Marketing Intern to join our team of dreamers. 

As a Marketing Intern, you will drive demand and influence the content and media through which Ru9 engages with target markets and customers. 

Ru9 – The Sleep Company is a manufacturer-to-consumer brand that aims to improve the life quality of Vietnamese people by offering design-conscious sleep products with best-in-class customer service.

Here at Ru9, we create dreams, and quite literally. We care deeply about our customers and appreciate innovative thinking, integrity and learning from experiences. Come join us to create the future of sleep.

What you will be doing when you are not sleeping:

  • Create content for Owned and Paid channels - anything that ranges from Social to SEO to TikTok videos
  • Manage projects for Partnerships and Event
  • Participate in product launches - from market research to product development to launch
  • Monitor current events and trends for opportunities to insert the Ru9 brand into relevant real-time conversations

      Who are you:

      • You are skillful with social media, TikTok is your dance floor and spotting new trends is one of your talent
      • Creative mind and storytelling skills - always searching for out-of-the-box ideas
      • Communicate well in English
      • Continuous eager to learn new things
      • Ability to work in a fast pace environment. Sounds cliche, but it's true, we need it.

      The pancakes and whipped cream:

      • Monthly allowance is 2.000.000VND
      • Lunch allowance
      • Opportunities for promotion and career development in a youthful, fast-paced, and dynamic environment
      • Special discount for company employees.

      Wanna join us? Send CV via email with title: [APPLY MARKETING_INTERN]_NAME & MOBILE PHONE