When we first introduced the Ru9 mattress a year ago, it was the first time that a mattress was developed based on real customer feedback, together with the selective use of high-performance foam and thoughtful design, we completely changed the sleep and mattress buying experience in Vietnam. Over the past year, we started developing an equally important product for your sleep – the pillow. And we called it Niu Pillow.

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Usually an overlooked item, but a good pillow is so essential to the quality of your rest and your overall well-being. A good pillow to us needs to be a combination of these 2 basic functions: complete support for your neck and upper back and it has to be soft so your head can rest comfortably every night.

Our design process is heavily centred around providing that highest level of support for your neck and upper back, this support is critical when we are sleeping because the human spine is naturally curved. Having support for your head and neck helps to maintain the proper alignment of these areas of the spine. Sleeping without adequate support will put your neck and spine into serious disrepair and subsequently result in a negative impact on your health.

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In order for us to create a significantly better pillow than everything else on the market, our R&D team had to rethink about pillows and develop new materials from the ground up. After countless batches of experiments and formulas, we were able to create a proprietary material for our Niu pillow called Graphene Memory Foam. Supportive by design, Ru9’s Graphene Memory Foam is also very effective in wicking away body heat concentrated around your head area when you’re sleeping, this is a true breakthrough in material design for a sleep product anywhere. Our foam’s elasticity is irresistibly soft to the touch and ideally adaptive to sleepers of any kind, back, side or stomach.

As a vital part of our product development, we sent our sample pillows to sleepers with different social settings, from mature couples, single adults to families with children. The finished product that we introduce to you today has been refined using real feedback gathered in this process.

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We created the Niu pillow to be a perfect match with the Ru9 mattress, this next step is an important one in completing the best sleep experience in Vietnam. When you trust your rest in a supportive and comfortable environment, good sleep will effortlessly come, giving you an undisrupted recovery for your body and mind.

And with that, sleep on with Ru9!

Trang & Vinh.

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