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IceGuard™ cold fiber technology

IceFiber™ is the most modern artificial cold fabric technology available today. Each fabric has the ability to absorb the cool temperature in the air and retain it on the fabric surface.

This can be considered a step forward in the fabric manufacturing industry because of its outstanding cooling feature, solving many temperature problems when users use the product.

It is thanks to the superiority of this material that Ru9 brings IceFiber™ to the sleep industry for the first time with the product IceGuard™ air-conditioning mat for Vietnamese.

The cooling mechanism of the IceGuard™ air-conditioning matGuard™ will neutralize the temperature contact between the body and the lying plane, creating the ideal temperature zone for your comfortable sleep.


The human body in contact with a lying surface generates heat


Ideal sleeping temperature is balanced with IceFiber™ cooling mechanism


IceFiber™ absorbs and cools body heat

IceGuard™ Pad - multi-function air conditioning mat

The exquisite 3-layer design makes our IceGuard™ Pad more versatile than a mere cooling pad

IceFiber™ will always cool the temperature of sleeping surface down to 1 – 2 Celcius degree less than when not in use, creating a refreshing, comfortable feeling as soon as you hit the bed.

Thanks to the 120gsm Microfiber layer, you can sleep cool and still feel comfortable, avoiding the rustling sound when lying at night.

You will always rest assured to lie directly on the IceGuard™ air-conditioned mat without worrying about affecting or staining the mattress underneath thanks to the 100% waterproof layer.

Designed with strong 4-angle lanyards, the IceGuard™ air-conditioner does not wobble when used all night long.

Advantages from technology to service

Lying cool makes it easier to sleep,
Good service, peace of mind


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