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Which 15cm Mattress Should I Buy Really Good And Durable?

Why should you buy thick mattresses with a height of 15cm or more? With a 15cm mattress line, which new type should I buy and use it consistently over time?

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Why should you buy thick mattresses? Usually, a sleeping mattress with a moderate thickness, about 15-20cm will bring a feeling of comfort when sleeping and durability when used is also better. In particular, even without using a bed frame, your sleep quality is guaranteed. So if 15cm mattress should buy a good type? Let's explore the top 5 types of good mattresses with balanced thickness, suitable for all families to use.

1. What are the benefits of using a mattress with a thickness of 15cm?

You may not know, thick mattresses with a height of about 15cm have many benefits for sleep as well as user health, especially when used for a long time.

  • Has high elasticity and better body support.
  • Helps relieve body pressure effectively, creating a pleasant feeling like a massage while sleeping.
  • The smoothness of mattresses with a height of 15cm or more is often rated higher than thin ones.

buy soft 15cm Ru9 mattress

The mattress has a moderate height of 15cm, which provides a very good experience.

  • Highly durable due to its multi-layer design, minimizing subsidence when used for a long time.
  • Can replace the bed frame, save money when decorating the bedroom.
  • The thick mattress creates a luxurious feel for the room, suitable for many modern homes.

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With the above advantages, buying a thick mattress is a wise choice for many families. However, 15cm mattress should buy the best? Refer to the list in the next section to make the right choice!

2. Which is the best 15cm mattress to buy?

If you are wondering which 15cm mattress to buy is good and durable, then the top 4 products below will answer that.

Nest Ru9 . Mattress

With a standard height of 15cm, neat and elegant design, the Nest mattress from the Ru9 brand will be a great "assistant" to help you get quality sleep.


The mattress has a thickness of 15cm for comfort when sleeping.

The mattress has a safe, solid 2-layer foam structure that provides good support for each body curve, protects the spine as well as creates comfort when lying down. The outer tencel shell is extremely cool and absorbent to help you feel comfortable during sleep. At the same time, the product is also easy to clean and convenient for many families today.

Mattress price from VND 5,211,000 (120x200cm)

Everon anti-slip mattress

With an ideal height of 15-18cm, Everon anti-slip mattress is also the perfect answer to the question of which 15cm mattress to buy.

choose to buy a 15cm mattress for the bedroom

The choice of mattress must match the design style of the room.

The inner structure of the mattress is completely from high-quality polyester cotton, the top is a thin layer of cotton to help the mattress more comfortable. In particular, the mattress has a layer of tiny rubber particles to increase the anti-slip effect. The mattress cover is made of 100% natural cotton, creating comfort and coolness when lying down.

Thanks to the 3-panel structure, the mattress is very easy to fold and clean. That is also the reason why this product line is trusted by many housewives in the family.

Mattress price from 5,333,000 VND (150x190cm)

Wellness Premium Latex Mattress

If you are wondering what kind of 15cm mattress to buy, you can't ignore the name Wellness.

Also belonging to the Everon brand, the Wellness mattress line has many outstanding advantages, in addition to the standard 15cm thickness. Specifically, the mattress has a cooler surface thanks to the small circular hole structure, which is breathable, antibacterial, good insect resistance, comprehensive body support throughout the night, giving you a perfect sleep.

What kind of mattress is good to buy 15cm

Mattresses from 15cm thick can contribute to the luxury of the bedroom.

The product is a reasonable choice for the elderly or children who are developing. However, because the price is a bit high, you should consider it.

Mattress price from 20,990,000 VND (160x200cm)

L'ADOME COOL Lien A Latex Mattress

With a height of 15cm, the L'ADOME COOL product line of Lien A brand is highly appreciated for both appearance and material.

Not only is it manufactured from 100% natural latex ingredients that are extremely safe, tested to be non-irritating to the skin, but the L'ADOME COOL sleeping pad also has outstanding cooling features. Thanks to the dome structure that promotes heat dissipation, helping to breathe faster, combined with the application of exclusive technology in the production of Micro Modal mattress cover, the product is both cool and soft to wear. like in the clouds.

What kind of quality 15cm mattress should I buy?

The thick mattress can be placed directly on the floor without a bed frame.

It can be said that this is a modern and greatly improved product line, really suitable for the elderly, especially in the summer or whenever it is hot.

Mattress price from 18,650,000 VND (120x200cm)

Above is a list of 4 perfect mattress models, helping to answer the question of which 15cm mattress to buy is best for you and your family. The mattress products introduced by Ru9 above come from the top famous brands in the sleep care industry, ensuring quality and durability over time. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the warranty and accompanying services before making a purchase decision anywhere.

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