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The advantage cannot be ignored of Ru9 mattress in the box

What are the outstanding advantages of the Ru9 mattress that makes so many customers care so much? Let's find the answer to this question with Ru9 through the article below!
The advantage cannot be ignored of Ru9 mattress in the box

The Ru9 mattress in the box has gradually become a companion to take care of everyone's sleep after a tiring day of work. One of the outstanding advantages of this mattress is its flexibility and light weight, easy to transport. This is also the point that many customers are satisfied with Ru9 mattress. If you are still wondering whether to buy this product, please learn more about the material and advantages of the Ru9 mattress in the box through the article below!

Find out the flexible, easy-to-roll foam material of the Ru9 mattress in the box

The Ru9 mattress in the box is made of modern foam material, light weight, so it has many outstanding advantages in terms of features as well as advantages. flexibility.

The second layer in Ru9 mattress is made of memory foam (also known as active foam), made of Polyurethane combined with a Some other substances help to increase ductility and elasticity. With its superior elasticity, memory foam is known as a potential material in the bedding industry cushion pillow . Meanwhile, the top layer of Ru9 mattress is contour foam that helps to hug the curves of the body and a solid bottom PU foam layer, separating movement. Because of the open structure of millions of foam particles, Ru9 mattress can be flexible, easily rolled up and stored. in a compact paper box.

Outstanding features of the Ru9 mattress in the box

The Ru9 mattress in the box is a breakthrough product, affirming the Ru9 brand value in the Vietnamese market. The quality of Ru9 mattress is rated as superior to some other mattresses by:

  • Using Ru9 mattress products will help optimize support according to the natural curves of the muscles , keeping the spine straight.
  • Helps relieve body tension and aid in motion separation.
  • Activated foam layer combined with cold gel helps regulate temperature, creating an airy feeling cool.

Outstanding feature of Ru9 mattress in the box

  • The breathable and removable cover is easy to clean for a sleeping environment yours is safe.
  • Ru9 memory foam mattress is also certified safe by CertiPUR-US. This is an international organization for independent foam quality assurance in the US. To undergo this international organization's rigorous process, Ru9 mattresses must meet standards such as composition, durability, and environmental emissions,...
  • Ru9 mattress products in cartons are packed in convenient boxes for easy transportation and quickly.

Policies and incentives when buying Ru9 mattresses

Policies and incentives when buying Ru9 products are more prominent than other brands such as:

  • 100-day trial and 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product products.
  • When you buy Ru9 mattress you will have a 10-year warranty policy and supported during use.

Policies and incentives when buy mattress Ru9

  • About shipping policy, when you buy Ru9 products you will get free shipping on Ru9 products. nationwide.
  • If you don't have enough money to own Ru9 wedge, you can choose installment payment with 0% interest. In addition, there are many other attractive promotions.

With its outstanding advantages, the Ru9 mattress in the box will surely make many people interested in the product. this. So why don't you try this product? Just pick up the phone and call Ru9 right away, you will be advised by a staff member on suitable roll mattress products for you and your family.