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Advice on choosing to buy the most advanced mattress today 2020

Advice on choosing to buy the most advanced mattress today 2020

Developed society comes with the need to improve the quality of life Quality of sleep is also a very high priority. That's why many people always choose to buy high-quality mattresses high-end mattresses best to care for family sleep.However, not everyone knows how to evaluate and choose the right high-quality mattress to buy. A few small tips below will help you.

1. Criteria for evaluating high-class mattresses

Select buy a mattress seems like a simple thing, but it can also cause a lot of mistakes. Many people think that just one soft mattress is comfortable enough. Love being able to sleep well. Or if you buy a good mattress, many people think that the more expensive the mattress, the higher it will be mattress grant. However, judging a premium mattress is no longer based on many factors.

What is a premium mattress

First, you should pay attention to the health support issue when buying a mattress. A luxury mattress must be able to support the body optimally. Because sleeping on a bed sleeping mattress is too soft or Too hard does not guarantee the safety of the spine. At the same time, high-grade mattresses will also be made from safe materials that do not cause skin irritation.

Not just good support, a piece good mattress also needs to ensure comfort for the person lying down. Mattress with good elasticity, soft will make you feel more comfortable. From there, sleep will also come easier and better. Besides, you should also pay attention to the ventilation of the mattress, to avoid the mattress causing a secret tunnel when sleeping.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of high-class mattresses on the market today

Even though you know how to evaluate a high-end mattress, you still have trouble choosing because there are so many types of mattresses on the market. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of some current mattresses to know which is the right mattress.

Low mattress

This type of mattress is quite popular and chosen by many people. This type latex mattress has the advantage of lifting capacity. Good support because it has a solid structure that does not sink. However, it is also because of this solid and rigid structure that maximum comfort is not achieved. Besides, mattress price of latex mattress is also quite good. high makes many people afraid to buy.

Spring mattress

The spring mattress is also a well-reviewed premium mattress. There are many layers of springs with good elasticity combined with a layer of cotton and cotton on top to create high comfort. However, because the spring legs support unevenly, it is not too safe for the spine. On the other hand, because of the elasticity of the spring, when lying down, the mattress will create an opposite pressure on the body and cause pain.

Create foam mattress excellent sleep comfort


Foam mattress

Foam mattress is a popular mattress in developed countries in the world today. With high-performance foam material, this mattress has outstanding ventilation and elasticity. These foam layers have ideal support for the body thanks to the open grain structure and uniform plane. Therefore, this premium mattress helps create soft feels and comfortable when lying on.

3. Ru9 luxury mattress accompanies Vietnamese sleep

Ru9 Foam Mattress cherish sleep


When it comes to high-end mattresses - foam mattresses, you can't ignore the Ru9 Original Foam mattress. This mattress is made up of 3 layers of superior high-performance foam. These foam layers create optimal support and hug the body curves.

Ru9 foam mattress has applied the most modern foam technology on the market today with with unique construction for maximum comfort. Thanks to the class memory foam integrated cooling gel, mattress Ru9 distributes pressure and regulates sleep temperature. On the other hand, the high-performance foam layers also help support the body according to the natural curve, protecting the spine. This foam technology has been certified by CertiPUR-US® - chapter The international foam testing process certifies that it is safe, durable and environmentally friendly.

Hopefully the above article helped you choose the type < b>luxury mattress take care of your loved one's health. In addition, Ru9 also produces the line luxury pillow titled pillow Niu. The product is appreciated by many customers to support the cervical spine, shoulders and neck and no longer have body aches after a long sleep. If you don't know which brand to choose for buy mattress then Ru9 will be a good choice for you. Come to Ru9 store and experience 100 nights free trial friends!