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Should babies sleep on pillows? What type of pillow is best for children?

Should babies sleep on pillows? What type of pillow is best for children?

"Should babies sleep on pillows?" or "Is the baby latex pillow really good?" is always the question and concern of all mothers. Does lying on the pillow affect the child's cervical spine? The following article of Ru9 will summarize all and answer around choosing the right pillow for babies.

Medical expert's answer: “Should babies sleep on pillows ?”

Answer from the medical professional for the question of whether an infant should sleep on a pillow is shouldn't let babies and especially newborns use pillows . Because before the child is ready to walk, the child's spinal system is still incomplete and has the same curvature as an adult's. At this time, the child's back and cervical spine are in alignment, so the child should lie on a flat mattress with good support so that the spine system is always straight and not adversely affected.

Should infants lie on pillows? should infants lie on concave pillows to prevent head distortion for infants

Should babies sleep on pillows?

With the side sleeping position, the width of the head and shoulders are almost equal, so even if the baby is lying on his side, the spine stays in alignment without the pillow.

When is the best time to put a baby on a pillow? Choose the best pillow for your baby?

Recently, Ru9 has revealed to you whether you should let babies sleep on pillows. Here, Ru9 will guide you on what stage is most suitable for your baby to lie down on a pillow.

When should a baby sleep on a pillow?
  • <3 Physiological curves in the baby's neck are also starting to form, but the curvature will not be too great. Therefore, the mother just needs to let the baby lie on a towel 1-2 times thinner with a thickness of 2 cm.

  • Children are 6 – 9 months: At 9 months, babies have learned and known a lot of things such as: crawling, sitting, etc. At this time, the baby's shoulders have been expanded, but not too different from the head size. Please also continue to fold a few times so that the thickness of the towel is 3-4cm is the most suitable.

  • When the child is older than 12 months: When the child is 1 year old, parents can consider buying a pillow for the child. Foam pillow materials will be safe for children's health and have the best softness to support children's neck bones.

right infant pillow can babies sleep on neoprene pillow
Children should only be pillowed when they are older than 12 months

Choose a baby pillow

Understanding whether babies should sleep on a pillow or not, the next thing is to choose a pillow for the baby that seems simple but is actually not not easy at all. You should not choose pillows made from feathers or cotton pillows, because these pillows always lack good support, which will cause the baby's head to sink.

So you need to choose a pillow with good elasticity and support. For example memory foam pillow or young latex pillow, two types of pillows This is considered a safe material and provides smooth support for the neck, shoulder, and back.

Choose a 1m2 mattress to take care of children's sleep

Do you know, organizations around the world always launch campaigns to warn parents not to share beds with their children. Therefore, in recent years, parents in Vietnam have understood that, so they have been more careful to choose to buy 1m2 mattress for children.

Is it okay to use a towel as a pillow for a newborn baby to sleep on a soft latex pillow

The mattress size of 1m2 is not only spacious for children to play, but also protects children's safety from unfortunate accidents. Moreover, sleeping on a separate mattress will help children practice independence and not depend on their parents. Therefore, the mattress size of 1m2 is also suitable for children to adults, helping parents save a lot of money to balance the family's financial plan.

Hope the above article has helped you better understand about newborns should sleep on pillows. Please choose to buy a pillow, apply it and take care of your child's health for the best. Besides, if you have not found an address to buy a 1m2 mattress for your child, please refer to the best spine support mattress at Ru9. You can contact us via hotline 1900 63 63 21 or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and quick ordering.

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