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All You Need To Know About Topper Mattress

All You Need To Know About Topper Mattress

Despite being popular on the market in recent years, floor mattress topper is still not known to many consumers for its utility. this item type. This article will help Ru9 readers better understand what a topper is and the outstanding benefits of a mattress topper for today's minimalist lifestyle.

What is a mattress topper?

Since ancient times, the Japanese have a habit of sleeping on the floor with a thin mattress called Futon, which can be folded and moved easily. The people of the Land of the Rising Sun believe that beds that are too soft will make the body not firm. Therefore, they prefer to use Futon because it feels more comfortable and sturdy. This type of mattress is also popular in the world as a mattress topper.

This floor covering topper has a fairly simple structure, consisting of a thin inner lining and outer fabric. The thickness has 2 types, 5cm topper and 10cm topper. Besides being used to cover the floor, the mattress topper is also the perfect pad to cover the surface of the main mattress for the purpose of increasing softness and protection from external influences, limiting the need to change the mattress quickly. quickly.

What is a 10cm mattress topper placed in the middle of a wood-colored room

Cushion topper for simple lifestyle

Why use mattress topper?

Wedge topper is becoming more and more popular with the following uses and uses:

1. Helps increase mattress comfort

Compared to lying on the mattress, the topper will give you a softer, more airy and comfortable feeling.

Moreover, the topper can protect the mattress. The mattress after a period of use will lose its elasticity and smoothness. At this time, the topper will be the optimal and more economical method than having to change a new mattress. Using topper for this case is to put a topper on a newly purchased or long-used mattress to contribute to increasing the life of the mattress and resist external influences.

2. Support to improve health

The Japanese habit of sleeping on the floor with a mattress topper brings significant benefits to our health, especially our backs. People often think that the softer and more comfortable the mattress, the better for the back.

However, many studies in the world over the years have shown that a mattress with appropriate elasticity and support is the factor that will support support your back and keep your spine aligned.

Therefore, when lying on a mattress topper that has good support, is soft and does not sag in the middle, you will not have back pain when you wake up. wake up.
In addition, mattress topper supports the treatment of spine, joint and muscle pain for users.

3. Enjoy the soft, smooth feeling in every space

The mattress topper is also used as a separate mattress. These mattress toppers are designed to be compact and flexible, allowing them to be spread in many different spaces such as living rooms and offices to enjoy a smooth and soft feeling.

At the same time, for houses with a modest area, the mattress topper will help you make use of your room for many different purposes. For example, an empty room during the day can be a study room, yoga room or children's play room, and in the evening, after cleaning, you can spread out the mattress topper to sleep.< /span>

single foam mattress topper edena Ru9 floor mattress placed on memory foam mattress in a well-lit room

Using topper with mattress helps increase mattress life

4. In accordance with the habit of sleeping on the floor

The habit of sleeping on the floor is not only found in Japan but is also popular among people who are practicing a minimalist lifestyle. In fact, you can spread the mattress topper and fold it into a cupboard after each use, saving space and time on a daily basis. Basically, a floor mattress topper is just a large sheet of cotton so you won't need to spend too much effort folding and moving it.

female lying and man sitting on topper deluxe edena
The mattress topper is suitable for people who sleep on the floor

With materials such as cotton, foam, fur, man-made fibers and many different sizes, this mattress is suitable for a variety of consumer preferences. on the market.

One ​​suggestion for those of you looking for a floor mattress that stands out in terms of quality and features is Ru9 foam topper. With 2 layers of open-grained foam, the Ru9 topper ensures breathability. Specifically, the Memory foam and HR foam layers help support the body, creating a comfortable and smooth feeling on any plane, in any space.

Besides foam, Ru9's topper also has a soft and cool tencel shell that absorbs well, creating a cool and comfortable feeling when resting. Even with toppers with a thickness of 5cm, you can still feel the softness when spread on the floor.

After use, you can fold and roll the mattress to save space.

5. Use as a separate mattress

Usually to prepare a complete bed, you will need the following items:

  • Bed frame and possibly headboard
  • Spring bed base
  • mattress

These items are quite complicated and move heavier than preparing a very simple 10cm mattress topper. This type of mattress is considered as a minimalist bed, used separately without any additional supporting items, contributing to improving sleep quality.

couple playing with cats on everon topper mattress placed directly on the floor

Floor mats are used separately as a minimalist bed

6. Convenient cleaning

With its simple structure, you can fully take advantage of the benefits of cleaning topper mattress pads. The Japanese often place the mattress topper on the railing and use a hard stick to remove dirt from the mattress.

There is another simpler way, you just need to clean the mattress by placing it under sunlight to disinfect and return the mattress to normal use. You also don't need to worry about the daily dust on the bed because you can completely roll up the mattress topper and store it in the closet after each use.

A typical nomination from Ru9 is Foam Mattress Topper consisting of two layers of foam with outstanding antibacterial properties. Firstly, Memory Foam integrates bamboo charcoal with the ability to limit the growth of bacteria from the external environment. Secondly, the natural green tea essence in the HR Foam layer deodorizes, keeping the Topper clean and cool. Definitely an option for busy customers who don't have much time to clean the mattress.

Ru9 sells mattress topper; everon mattress topper is neatly rolled up after each use

You just need to roll up the topper and store it away into the cupboard after each use.

7. Affordable price

Besides versatility and health benefits, floor topper is also economically viable as it can replace the main mattress. Currently, on the market, you should avoid buying cheap mattress toppers to protect yourself and your family. At Ru9 you can get a mattress topper at factory price and have it shipped directly from the Ru9 manufacturer to your home and without any additional shipping costs. It's easy and convenient isn't it!

Select topper by type

Depending on your preferences and the mattress you are using, users can choose from different mattress toppers. So which topper is good? Ru9 suggests the following popular toppers:

1. Topper artificial latex mattress

Made from synthetic rubber, this mattress topper has moderate elasticity, high durability, and is affordable. However, for those who have a high demand for sleep quality or often have back pain, artificial rubber topper products are still not the best choice.

2. Natural latex mattress topper

The smoothness of this topper not only helps us have a good night's sleep, but also isolates noise, does not create sound sound when moving, this helps us not to affect the people next to us while sleeping.

This is a topper with 100% pure natural latex, giving you the feeling of lying on a latex mattress. high quality.

3. Quilted mattress topper

This topper has an inner layer of cotton, which is fixed in each pre-divided cell compartment on the case. This is a low-cost topper, but its durability is not high, it degrades quickly and becomes elastic after a period of use

4. Feather mattress topper

In addition, with high moisture absorption, the product will bring cool feeling in summer and warm in winter.

Feather mattress topper is made from industrial feathers, blown into each evenly divided cell on the shell. This is a topper that does not collapse or subside over time and has very high durability. This type of topper will help increase the softness and buoyancy of the mattress you use.

How to use mattress foam topper

This is a mattress topper formed by memory foam or memory foam which is a common material used, known for its characteristics of being durable, lightweight, and available. Due to the different hardness, the foam material is used to create foam topper that is both smooth and comfortable, supporting and supporting the body, maintaining a natural posture.

One ​​of the foam topper products you can consider is the foam topper at Ru9 which also has a flexible design with 2 layers of foam. In particular, memory foam has integrated bamboo charcoal, which helps antibacterial. The bottom layer is HR foam containing natural green tea essence, which effectively deodorizes. This provides absolute smoothness and comfort, and users will also feel more secure when it comes to deodorant and antibacterial features.

Besides, Ru9 foam topper with a smart button on the bottom of the case, you can easily roll it up and take it anywhere you want, helping you enjoy comfort anytime, anywhere.

With an open, breathable grain structure design combined with a cool, absorbent tencel shell, the topper product at Ru9 will bring you outstanding advantages. more than expected.

baby lying on stomach on hanvico topper mattress, face forward, mouth wide

Foam Topper Ru9 mattress is convenient and material smooth, bringing the absolute perfect experience

Notes when choosing/checking mattress topper

How to choose the right topper for the mattress you are using and suitable for your needs? Let's take a look at the following notes with Ru9:

  • Choose a mattress topper that matches your bed size and mattress size. This is extremely important, a Topper only really works if placed on a properly sized mattress.
  • The fabric or mattress topper cover is safe for health, does not irritate the skin, and is absorbent. good
  • For bad mattress topper: When you gently press down on the topper, if you see the whole table both hands are touching the floor, and when extended, the topper bounces up very slowly, indicating that the topper is quick to collapse.
  • For a good mattress topper: When you gently press down, it feels soft, the whole hand is the force of the topper resists so that only the palm of the hand touches the floor, and when you let go, the topper pops up immediately, this is the best and longer lasting topper.

one user pressed his hand down on the roll mattress lavender topper

Tip on topper: Click topper surface to check the goodness of topper

In a nutshell

Hopefully through the above article, you have given yourself useful information to understand how to use it. topper according to each material and can choose a satisfactory mattress topper, helping to improve sleep quality. And now, quickly do a few simple steps on the website or contact Ru9's Facebook to own your own product mattress topper and take care of your sleep!