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Top 5 Most Popular Cotton Blended Fabrics in the World

Top 5 Most Popular Cotton Blended Fabrics in the World

Do you know if the clothes around you are cotton blends or natural cotton? Should I use cotton blend or not? Ru9 will point out the 5 most popular cotton blends fabrics today for your better understanding!

Cotton fabric is one of the oldest and most popular fabrics in the world. . It is a natural fiber derived from the seed pods of cotton plants grown more than 7,000 years ago. Cotton has become even more popular today as textile technology allows it to be blended with other textiles, including synthetics, for added durability, versatility and elegance. cotton fabric classified by origin of yarn, raw materials or from its processes.

In this article, Ru9 classifies into 5 fabrics cotton blend common include:

1. Cotton Linen

Cotton linen is a fiber composition produced from a blend of linen and cotton. This blended fabric is popular in everyday products such as shirts, trousers and bed sheets.

Basically, linen must be at least 50% when indicating the material name as Cotton Linen (eg 52% Linen and 48% cotton). Therefore, an obvious drawback is the lack of resistance to wrinkles. Cotton linen dye tones are usually dark, both gloss and saturation are relatively matte. If you do not wash it many times, it will feel rough to the touch.

The first time you touch the cotton linen blend, it will feel rough and tight
The first time touching cotton linen blend will feel rough, tight

2. Cotton Silk

Silk cotton fabric is actually a cotton fabric that is shaped and woven in the style of satin silk fabric. Thanks to this technology, the resulting fabric is shiny, light and comfortable, with a soft and firm hand feeling.

Silk cotton fabric is ideal for use in the fashion industry as the design of scarves, chairs, shirts, dresses and other decorative items. However, silk cotton fabric is easy to tear, difficult to wash.

3. Cotton Polyester

Cotton blended polyester fabric is suitable used in garment industries to design clothes, skirts, scarves and various home decoration items.

This fabric also known as PC50 is blended with cotton and polyester fibers to provide a double dyeing effect in many products. Cotton Polyester has the biggest disadvantage is that it does not absorb moisture well, feels uncomfortable in hot weather.

4. Cotton Sateen

Cotton satin is softer than regular or standard woven cotton. Horizontally structured weave, smooth front and matte back, almost indistinguishable from satin. Cotton sateen fabric is widely used to make clothes, bed sheets, curtains…

However, the minus point is that cotton sateen fabrics tend to rot, wear out faster, are easier to tear, and do not have high durability.

Cotton sateen is softer than regular cotton weave
Cotton sateen is softer than regular woven cotton

5. Cotton Percale

Cotton percale is one of the most popular cotton blend fabrics. Because of the combination of softness and durability, it is widely used to make bed sheets, towels and other bedding.

Cotton percale is light and airy, easy to wash, and highly durable. But the only problem with cotton percale yarn is that it is more prone to wrinkling.

Between 100% Cotton and Cotton Blend Should Cotton Blend be used?

When you blend different yarns, you get the benefits of both fabrics in one fabric. Like silk cotton, both fibers are highly breathable, absorbing a good amount of moisture. It is important that the cotton yarn also adds the right amount of anti-wrinkle properties.

Pure Cotton has durability, more breathable and less wrinkled than cotton blend

Pure cotton is more durable, breathable, and less wrinkled than blended cotton

However, cotton blends can become the main reason for the reduction of the superior properties of pure cotton such as:

  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Breathable and moisture resistant
  • Easy to handle and sew
  • When mixed with other fibers, it becomes more wrinkly and shrinks
  • Weakened by prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Abrasion Resistance

Why should you choose a 100% cotton bedding?

There are many advantages to using bedding blankets - drap - mattress from cotton fabric. When you go for pure cotton, there are even more advantages, such as durability, breathability and less wrinkling.

Ru9 Bedding Set is made of 100 % premium natural cotton

Ru9 Bedding Set is made of 100% high quality natural cotton

Ru9 Bedding Set made of 100% long fiber cotton premium natural is the answer to the above question. Bedding is made from soft, natural and breathable fabric, which means it won't irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Natural cotton is chemical-free and highly breathable, which means it's a duvet set suitable for sleeping in all seasons. Ru9 Bedding Set absorbs moisture and removes sweat from the skin and can also absorb heat to keep you cool.

Hopefully the article has helped you answer the question of which material is the best material to buy a Bedding Set made of! Because even if it's soft silk cotton, affordable polyester cotton, the best bedding set for sleeping should still be 100% natural cotton.