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Find out and compare popular mattresses on the market

If you don't research and compare mattress types when you shop, you may end up choosing the wrong mattress for your family. Let's compare mattress types with Ru9 and choose for yourself a quality mattress!
Find out and compare popular mattresses on the market

You may not know that the mattress has a great impact on the quality of sleep as well as the health of the user. So if you don't go through the details and compare mattress types when buying, you will most likely buy the right mattress for your family's needs. Let's compare mattress types with Ru9 and choose for yourself a quality mattress.

General features of mattresses on the market

The types of mattresses on the Vietnamese market are extremely diverse and each has different advantages and disadvantages. To be a smart shopper, you need to understand the basics and compare mattress types.

Compare padding types to choose the perfect one

1. Foam mattress

Pressed cotton mattress is the type mattress Lowest support of all mattresses. The reason is because the foam mattress is produced by pressing the cotton fibers tightly, forming a mattress with a dense and solid texture. Most of the pressed cotton mattresses use heat pressing technology. In general, foam mattresses are often stiff and lack support compared to other types of mattresses.

2. Spring mattress

So far, spring mattress is still a favorite and trusted choice by many families. There are two common types of spring mattresses: linked spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses. This type of mattress is mainly composed of a system of sturdy anti-rust spring frames, with good bearing capacity. However, because they are spring materials, they often put pressure on the user's body and cause pain with prolonged use.

3. Rubber mattress

Latex mattress is a high-class mattress that is trusted by many customers thanks to its environmentally friendly materials. Latex mattresses are classified into two main types, artificial rubber mattresses and natural rubber mattresses. Latex materials have good support but are closed construction, so they often cause heat when sleeping all night long. However, this type of mattress is often appreciated for its quality and durability with a service life of up to 20 years.

4. Foam mattress

The appearance of foam mattress has completely changed the quality of sleep of Vietnamese people. This mattress is made up of many different types of high-performance foam, the most popular in Vietnam is activated foam. In addition, this type of mattress is often designed to be rolled up, packed in a box for convenience in moving.

Comparing mattress types makes you a smart consumer

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of mattress

To compare mattress types in more detail and choose the ideal mattress for your family, you should not ignore the advantages and disadvantages of the above mattresses right away the following:

1. Foam mattress

Advantage of foam padding

  • Reasonable price
  • Light weight, compact folding design, easy to transport and store.

Disadvantage of foam mattress

  • Low elasticity, unable to support compatible with lying body.
  • Limited lifespan, not durable
  • Easy to collapse, quality degrades after a period of use

2. Spring mattress

Advantages of spring mattress

  • High elasticity brings comfort to the lying person
  • Creates a pleasant first impression
  • Price is suitable for the masses

Disadvantage of spring mattress

  • The weight is heavy and cannot be folded, making transportation and storage extremely difficult
  • Easy to cause pain after a long time of use
  • Low life

3. Rubber mattress

Advantages of latex mattress

  • Materials that are safe for the environment and users
  • High durability and elasticity, good support for the spine
  • No shrinking, plastic melt after a long time of use (with natural latex mattress)

Disadvantage of latex mattress

  • The price is quite high
  • Eases wear out when in contact with gasoline
  • Difficulty in moving due to heavy weight
  • Closed structure requires ventilation holes, limiting support

4. Foam mattress

Compare mattress types to protect your sleep and health

Advantages of foam padding

  • Open grain structure creates a soft and comfortable feel
  • Optimizes the ability to support according to the natural curve of the body thanks to the combination of many other foams each other.
  • Long life due to high performance foam
  • Optimal weight, compact size, easy to clean, move and store.

Disadvantage of foam mattress

  • Cushioning material is not yet popular, limiting customer choice
  • The price is relatively high for imported foam mattresses

Advantages of Ru9 foam mattress

Compare padding types to choose the correct padding

Comparing other mattresses, Ru9 foam mattress is the youngest member in the Vietnamese pillow market. However, this mattress is no slouch thanks to its outstanding advantages:

  • Ru9 mattress is a mattress with a three-layer construction: durable high-performance PU foam bottom layer, memory layer Foam integrates cold gel and exclusive foam layer Ru9 Contour Foam.
  • Perfect three-layer construction that perfectly supports all shapes and weights in a natural posture most of the body.
  • With its open grain structure and built-in cold gel particles, the Ru9 mattress has the ability to regulate the air in the rooms. Foam layer, helps sleep always cool and comfortable.
  • Memory foam cushioning relieves horizontal body pressure. Also, the cushions separate movements so you won't be disturbed when someone turns around next to you.
  • Price is honest, because Ru9 mattresses are manufactured and shipped directly to consumers without knowing through intermediaries.

Hopefully the above article with the information and comparison of mattress types on the market, you can choose for yourself the most preferred mattress. Among the types of mattresses, it can be said that memory foam Ru9 mattress is the optimal choice for your family's nightly sleep thanks to its optimization of its advantages and the ability to overcome the disadvantages of other mattresses. . So, hurry up to own this foam mattress by contacting the website or going directly to the Ru9 Showroom!