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What is memory foam? The miracle of memory foam mattress makes a good night's sleep easy

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What is memory foam? The miracle of memory foam mattress makes a good night's sleep easy

Memory foam is one of the leading materials in the production of sleeping mattresses today. In addition to optimal support, memory foam helps users have a standard lying posture and better health protection. So what is memory foam? What are the specific uses and effects of this material for sleep? Explore more specific information about memory foam with Ru9 through the article below.

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Memory foam - the most advanced mattress manufacturing material today

1. What is memory foam mattress?

A memory foam mattress is a mattress made from memory foam material. This material is formed from air bubbles connected together into an open structure, and by using different formulations to increase its durability. The advantage of memory foam is its ability to evenly distribute pressure and be environmentally friendly. Therefore, memory foam has been included in the research and production technology of the mattress industry.

Memory foam myths

Many customers do not fully understand what memory foam is. Therefore, they are still pondering whether to choose products from memory foam. In fact, on the market there are still quite a lot of misconception about foam materials and foam mattresses< /a> like:

  • Sleeping on very hot memory foam products

  • Foam mattresses and pillows are very expensive

  • Foam pillows or foam mattresses are easily deflated after a period of use

  • The smell is very strong when using a foam mattress, the surface of the mattress is very hard,...

The truth about memory foam

The truth is, memory foam is highly appreciated for its effectiveness, use and cost. In addition to softness, smoothness and good elasticity, memory foam also possesses outstanding support ability. Currently, Ru9 is the pioneer in bringing this product to consumers. Through comprehensive research on sleep in Vietnam, Ru9 has launched a memory foam mattress to serve customers.

Ru9 foam mattress not only has outstanding quality but also has the most honest price. Because at Ru9, you will be buying mattresses directly from the manufacturer without having to go through an intermediary. That way, you won't have to pay any extra for the difference between mattress dealers or retail mattress stores, which also give you the best experience when trying out the mattress. To meet market demand, Ru9 has been developing a variety of foam mattresses, such as Nest by Ru9 mattress (15cm thick), Ru9 Original mattress (25cm thick) with many sizes.

what is memory foam
Memory foam provides the most comfortable and comfortable feeling

2. Advantages of memory foam mattress Ru9 for sleep

The variety of mattresses today gives you and your family more choices when shopping. Depending on the needs of each person, the right mattress product is also different. However, Ru9 memory foam mattress can be suitable for the majority of customers from children to the elderly.

Superior foam material that fully supports the whole body

To do this, Ru9 has successfully researched and manufactured a mattress with a 3-layer structure of high-performance foam. One of the first noticeable advantages of the Ru9 mattress is the comfortable and smooth feeling when lying down.

  • With a special structure, Ru9 memory foam mattress has good elasticity but does not collapse deeply when used. Thick mattress design will optimally support the curve of the body. Thanks to that, when you sleep, your spine will always be kept straight.

  • In addition, the memory foam layer is also integrated with cold gel to limit the disadvantage of this material that is easily hot. As a result, the mattress will disperse the pressure from the body and help regulate the temperature. Your sleep will therefore be complete without interruption all night long.

what is memory foam
Ru9 pillow for standard lying posture, reduce pain

Ru9 foam mattress certified for health and safety

Besides foam material, Ru9 also pays great attention to the mattress cover. The product uses Tencel fabric with high breathability and durability. Ru9 foam mattress has passed rigorous tests and is certified as CertiPUR-US safe for users. So you can feel more secure when using Ru9 foam mattress for yourself and other family members.

3. Buy memory foam mattress to receive special offers from Ru9:

Ru9 memory foam mattress is considered one of the most optimal sleep care products today. In particular, Ru9 offers customers many attractive promotions when shopping. Includes:

  • Policy of 100 days sleep trial: you will directly use and experience the quality of the mattress for 100 days. If you don't find the right product, you can return it and Ru9 will refund 100%.

  • Payment for mattress purchase in installments with 0% interest rate: in case you cannot pay the cost of buying a mattress right away, you can choose the form of installment payment by month or by period. With the 0% interest rate offered by Ru9, any consumer can own this high-end product line.

  • Support nationwide shipping: Ru9 mattress will be delivered to customers' hands and completely free of charge nationwide.

 Sleep care every day with memory foam mattress Ru9
Sleep care every day with memory foam Ru9 mattress

For a perfect and quality sleep every day, Ru9 mattress is the optimal product that customers should not ignore. After learning about memory foam, Ru9 hopes to be able to accompany you and your family to have a good night's sleep and gradually improve your health in the most effective way. Contact Ru9 immediately via website or Facebook Ru9 - The Sleep Company for advice and quick ordering.

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