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Learn about Ru9 mattress, Vietnamese mattress in the 4.0 era

Ru9 mattress< /strong> is a very popular Vietnamese mattress brand today. The product stands out with advanced production technology to help care and cherish sleep. Compared to many other mattress lines currently on the market Ru9 mattress is highly appreciated for its quality. Let's find out in more detail about the features and effects that this line mattress  brings to sleep through the article below. !
Learn about Ru9 mattress, Vietnamese mattress in the 4.0 era

1. A good mattress improves health and ensures a good night's sleep:

Finding a way to sleep easier, sleep deeper by choosing the right mattress is the solution that many people are looking for. However, not every type of sleeping mattress on the market today guarantees quality and meets the needs of actual use. of the user. This makes it difficult for many customers to choose which mattress is good for their health.
It is from that fact that Ru9 has spent a lot of time researching and put into production mattress products to best suit the sleep of Vietnamese people. Ru9 understands that, a mattress good is a necessary condition for you and your family to get the best quality sleep and wake up refreshed.

Choosing the right mattress is an easy and effective way to sleep

Specifically, Ru9 mattress is made of high performance foam material. The characteristic of this material is durability, combined with excellent elasticity. As a result, the mattress has a long service life and a more optimal support effect. The mattress structure has 3 layers, respectively: Ru9 Contour Foam, Memory Foam with integrated cold gel and bottom foam layer. brings many outstanding features.

Outstanding features of the Ru9 mattress line

2. Ru9 mattress is proud to be a Vietnamese mattress for Vietnamese people:

Ru9 is a Vietnamese mattress brand with the desire to improve and enhance the quality of sleep for Vietnamese people. The company sent sample products to many households with different sleeping habits from children to the elderly. With real user reviews, Ru9 has launched the product mattress foam carries the best quality. Currently, the product is also 100% manufactured by Ru9 in Vietnam.
Besides, the company is also one of the pioneers in the field of customer care. In addition to the policies to support free shipping nationwide, Ru9 also offers 100-day trial sleep policy. If after the trial period you are still not satisfied with the product, Ru9 will refund 100% and free of charge. So you and your family will have the opportunity to experience the quality and effectiveness of the Ru9 mattress for sleep and health without risk.

Comfortably lie down in any position with Ru9 mattress

3. Outstanding strength of Ru9 mattress:

Not only a simple sleep care product, Ru9 mattress also effectively supports the process of taking care and improving health. The product is also highly appreciated for its user-friendliness, as well as for the natural environment thanks to advantages such as:

Outstanding advantages of the product

  • The foam production process is safe, does not affect the ozone layer.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury or other metals harmful to health and the natural environment.
  • Low levels of VOC emissions (less than 0.5 parts per million).

These are the elements recognized in the certification CertiPUR-US – the most popular and prestigious US certification for foam products, and Ru9 is proud to be the first mattress brand in Vietnam to achieve this certification.

Ru9 mattress meets international standards

Those outstanding strengths are the basis for Ru9 mattress to receive international certification for user safety from CertiPUR-US. Ru9 foam mattress is honored to be the first mattress in Vietnam to be recognized by a prestigious international rating organization for quality, safety as well as environmental friendliness. This is considered an important step, contributing to affirming the quality of the Ru9 mattress brand in both domestic and international markets.
With the above highlights, Ru9 foam mattress is the perfect answer to the question of which mattress is good for health. Ru9 believes that everyone deserves to relax after a long hard day. This is also the motivation for Ru9 to constantly create and improve the quality of its products. Therefore, you and your loved ones should trust buy mattress Ru9 so that every sleep is good the most complete and perfect!